Banana MTX 159

Hey Matt,
Thanks for your prompt reply. I panicked and went and got Mountain Wave’s last 59. Good shop by the way, don’t normally buy stuff, since its mostly high retail, but the staff is very knowledgeable and enjoy geeking out on boards. Had my first day on it today at the basin. First thing I noticed was that it was super loose between edge to edge transition. I began to get a handle on this and really started liking it. I have a Salomon prospect 160 and 163, the 160 with a 24.8cm waist, and it up until the banana, has been the quickest edge to edge that I have ever ridden. So that part I really liked. I also noticed scarygood edgehold, especially at the apex of a turn when I had most of my weight loaded into the board. This combination of loose and crazyedge, I think will be nasty once I get dialed on the board. All that said, I bought this board for what I think it will do as a “freestyle pow board”. Can’t wait.
Well just babblin, had to geek out.
Thanks for your time,
P.S. A lot of curious people in the lift lines today, first truly different thing(well I guess except for MTX) that has happened in this industry.

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