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Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Banana MTX 159

Hey Matt,
Thanks for your prompt reply. I panicked and went and got Mountain Wave’s last 59. Good shop by the way, don’t normally buy stuff, since its mostly high retail, but the staff is very knowledgeable and enjoy geeking out on boards. Had my first day on it today at the basin. First thing I noticed was that it was super loose between edge to edge transition. I began to get a handle on this and really started liking it. I have a Salomon prospect 160 and 163, the 160 with a 24.8cm waist, and it up until the banana, has been the quickest edge to edge that I have ever ridden. So that part I really liked. I also noticed scarygood edgehold, especially at the apex of a turn when I had most of my weight loaded into the board. This combination of loose and crazyedge, I think will be nasty once I get dialed on the board. All that said, I bought this board for what I think it will do as a “freestyle pow board”. Can’t wait.
Well just babblin, had to geek out.
Thanks for your time,
P.S. A lot of curious people in the lift lines today, first truly different thing(well I guess except for MTX) that has happened in this industry.

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  • lee

    Yeah Matt,
    I too just got a 159 from my shop Flipside in Asheville Nc..
    The thing is i have to wait another few weeks to be able to ride it.But i hear what you are saying about other riders in the lift line.(What is that)
    Its time for the public to step up and ride the future..Lib-tech has made the best thing to hit the ice coast since snowmaking….Thank you MERVIN

  • John

    Yo, just got out on the basin for the first weekend up as well on the 59 BT MTX. Really liked the board but only problem was toe and heel drag. i wear a size ten and was wonderin what boots you all have?

  • mervin4life

    mervin has been spittin top notch stuff from day one, they have also been leading the industry in innovation from day 1. no board company comes close when it comes to building boards! mervin4life

  • Derek

    I wear size 11 1/2 . To get around drag on narrow boards, I’ve been ducking out wide (23.75-24.00″ with @ 17 degrees. If you have any angle on your highback, this can be tough on the knees and make it difficult to open your shoulder. To help this I ride as with by backs as straight up as I can. Also pivoted the high back itself more parallel to the edge of the board to offset the duck angle (not all bindings have this adjustment, but it will definately allow you to open your shoulder, while keeping your legs relaxed.) Intitially this setup will seem to take some power/leverage out of your heel edge, but with time, weight adjustments and MTX, you may like it. There are some boot companies with lowpro “small footprint” models out. Hope this helps.

  • Derek

    Board: Banana 159
    Where: Basin
    What: groomer bombing
    Day: #5
    The feeling of loose and scary good edgehold from day 1, has evolved into unbelievably quick and responsive to stupid confident edgehold. As I get more time on the board and play around with weight distribution, I realize the crazy spectrum of handling this board offers. It is sensitive like a surfboard…ex: if your riding off of your back foot, the board is loose and will turn on a dime, then almost “squirt” out on the exit of a turn. If your riding off of your front foot the board has crazy command and predictability (even on shitty manmade lumpice). This weight thing is more evident when landing off of a spin too. If you land off your back foot, the board wants to keep spinning and like press out. If you stomp it centered, the board will ride out solid. One big difference compared to other twins, or ‘almost twins’ I’ve ridden is the board doesn’t hang up during turn initiation or on exit. I think this has to do with the apex of the nose and tail being unweighted or not snagging the snow, due to the rocker. Whatever it is, I like it; a true twin that handles this good. If you are Dude McButtersalot, you’ll feel like a fucking cheater. Did a few presses at 35-40 mph and felt solid (watch that brand new edge though). Lib doesn’t pay me or give me boards, I have no reason to stroke this board. But I can say after 5 days of shitty groomers, I’m having a fucking blast on this board. Its like a renewed appreciation for just even making a turn… for just riding.
    A lot of you are probably curious about how it jibs features. Once the edges soften up some more (I took a bunch off of the corners and this board still has tons of edgepower to give) and I’m feeling greasy(got new boots, got robot ankles), I’ll take some laps at the park and give my two cents.

  • Jordan

    Hey to the question about the boots, I wear size 14 and 15 boots and I am gonna get either the burton elevators or the Palmer lift kit. They both lift your bindings 12mm off the board to provide huge clearance and lmost completely eliminate toe drag. You should check em out

  • John

    yo…my girlfriend just got me a sk8 banana for my birthday!!! cant wait to ride it!!!

  • Beau

    I have been rocking my 156 Skate Banana since opening weekend at A-basin and have been riding Keystone since they opened…
    I was throwing down at Keystone’s park setup on Spring Dipper this past Wednesday and people had nothing but questions or comments about the banana. Everyone wanted to know either how it rode or provide positive comments from when they had demoed it the previous year… So not only is it “The One and Only Quiver Killer”, but it is quite the conversation starter.
    On the quiver killer note, I currently own a xurton uninc 158, xome artifact 150, x2 www 151 and a xurton custom 154. My banana 156 totally blows all of them away. It is so poppy, buttery and the edge hold has been like no other. This thing is all around AWESOME! I haven’t touched the edges since I bought it and it didn’t snag when I boardslide a ribbed culvert at Keystone. It doesn’t slide out on early Keystone ice and trust me I have laid down some hard edges on those ice patches just to put this nana to the test. The base is so fast that you need hardly any space between hits. So now am I looking at getting rid of all my other boards and possibly picking up the boxscratcher banana if I can get a deal on one… What can I say I am stuck on the banana and everyone has banana envy… Some have asked if I thought riding the banana was cheating and I said NO, cause anyone can buy this thing… Go get a banana and experience TRUE GREATNESS under your feet! Like the others posting on this forum I have nothing to gain from posting here except to help the other consumers like myself out. If you have more questions hit me up at Keystone and I will do my best to answer…
    For those worried about toe drag, weight and all that stuff… I am 5’9 162 with a size 10 boot… I rock a 23 inch stance set to 15 front and back. I haven’t had any problem with toe drag and like I said I have put the nana to the test.
    P.S. I am proud that my banana was built in the USA!!! Keep up the GREAT WORK at LIB-TECH!!! Thanks!!!

  • John

    Yo thanks for all the help with the boots. Just got up to Keystone this weekend with a new pair of Ride FUL boots and wow what a difference. The board carves like nothing i’ve ever riden before and trucks through tracked groomers like its pow. Still have a little heel drag but i think its due to my Flow’s. Lookin for some new baseplates that are slideable forward and back. Anyone know of any companies that sell them on they’re own?
    As for the banana on the board, its pretty gnar for butters and eliminates transition time between turns. I can’t wait to get some powder days with it, seems like it is really going to excel in deep freshies.

  • PSS

    I read that with this technology we could downsize a couple of centimetres the size of the board because of the extra float…this downsize wouln’t reduce the stability at higher speeds…
    Can anyone who rode a board comment something about this…I normally ride 153 154 for all around (I only use one board)…the 152 seems to me the beste choice…(63 kg and 170 cm).

  • josh

    I wasn’t a believer in magne traction until i demo’d the riders choice last year. All i can say is it blew me away! The edge hold was incredible. But magne traction isnt what this is about. Its all about this insane new banana tech that i really think is gunna blow every other board away. I haven’t gotten the chance to demo a banana yet but im just itching to get out on the snow on one. I dont even think i need to demo the banana to know i want one. Just from all of the insanely positve reviews i have read lets me know this board is a winner.
    I’m a huge supporter of the NW snow scene (ie anywhere from powder at baker to straight park runs at snoqualmie) and i think this board is going to cover all my needs.
    I so flippin excited to get one! once our mnts open up and i get a chance to ride one i will let everyone know how it was!

  • Tyler

    BEST BOARD EVER ! Blew my mind in the slush Thanksgiving at Snowshoe, WV. I felt like this was the board of my dreams. So loose edge to edge , doesnt catch on boxes, rails. Stays out of the crud , poppy , just awesome. Thank you so much.

  • mike

    I am confused on what size to get, I want to mostly ride powder and slopes, i’m gonna start learning more boxes rails, and jumps this season.. I’m 5’11” 165 lbs. I was thinking about getting the banana 159cm, just so its more stable in powder and groomed runs.. since i’m just learning to do ramps and rails this size will prolly work for me.. Let me know what you guys think