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Paul Laca Photo Post

Scotty Wittlake told us about his ripping friend Paul Laca from AK. We have been sending Paul boards for a while now and he continues to shred it up right, check out his pics he just sent in.

Categories: Rippers

  • LM

    Right on… nice photos… it’s good to support the underground riding the unknown. I love people that just do their thing and could care less whether thay are noticed or not. That is LOVE!!!!

  • bpm2000

    that is the coolest dog evarr.

  • Huckleberry Hart


  • Sonn D

    Not a rail, box or park in sight. I love it.

  • ak sarah

    yeah paul! Sweet pics, aren’t these in Washington. AK is weak you don’t want to move here!

  • MD

    Yah Kid!!! Its dumping right now. Seabass says rumors of the pass opening today. Minus will problygo DOMINATE! cause he can. Word……

  • Anna

    Beautiful photography. Keep shooting shots of the beauty that surrounds you everyday. You need a picture of little Trout in that collection.