Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Banana Snowboards by Lib Tech Snowboards

Banana Snowboards by Lib Tech Snowboards: Here is a list of all the Banana Snowboards that Lib Tech has produced for the 0708 winter season. These Lib Tech Banana Snowboards are available at a Lib Tech Dealer near you.
Lib Tech Skate Banana Snowboard
Cygnus X1 Banana Snowboard
TRS Banana Snowboard
Box Scratcher Banana Snowboard
Banana Hammock Banana Snowboard


Please feel free to post your comments about any of our Banana Snowboards below:

I have been rocking my 156 Skate Banana Snowbaord since opening weekend at A-basin and have been riding Keystone since they opened…
I was throwing down at Keystone’s park setup on Spring Dipper this past Wednesday and people had nothing but questions or comments about the banana snowboard. Everyone wanted to know either how it rode or provide positive comments from when they had demoed it the previous year… So not only is it “The One and Only Quiver Killer”, but it is quite the conversation starter.
On the quiver killer note, I currently own a xurton uninc 158, xome artifact 150, x2 www 151 and a xurton custom 154. My banana snowboard 156 totally blows all of them away. It is so poppy, buttery and the edge hold has been like no other. This thing is all around AWESOME! I haven’t touched the edges since I bought it and it didn’t snag when I boardslide a ribbed culvert at Keystone. It doesn’t slide out on early Keystone ice and trust me I have laid down some hard edges on those ice patches just to put this banana snowboard to the test. The base is so fast that you need hardly any space between hits. So now am I looking at getting rid of all my other boards and possibly picking up the boxscratcher banana snowbaord if I can get a deal on one… What can I say I am stuck on the banana and everyone has banana envy… Some have asked if I thought riding the banana was cheating and I said NO, cause anyone can buy this thing… Go get a banana snowboard and experience TRUE GREATNESS under your feet! Like the others posting on this forum I have nothing to gain from posting here except to help the other consumers like myself out. If you have more questions hit me up at Keystone and I will do my best to answer…
For those worried about toe drag, weight and all that stuff… I am 5’9 162 with a size 10 boot… I rock a 23 inch stance set to 15 front and back. I haven’t had any problem with toe drag and like I said I have put the nana to the test.
P.S. I am proud that my banana snowboard was built in the USA!!! Keep up the GREAT WORK at LIB-TECH!!! Thanks!!!

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  • PSS

    Beau…Would you advice a Skate Banana 152 or 156 instead of a Custom 154? For an all around board…piste/off piste/park and some jibbs?
    You’ve got both so, better than anyone you can comment…I’m about to buy a board online (no test boards around portugal, only if surfboards or bodyboards…not snowboards thow…)…
    Thanks in advance

  • Beau

    Definitely!!! The Skate Banana 152 or 156 would be my recommendation. As mentioned I am riding the Skate Banana 156 and I will ride nothing else(unless I get my hands on a “Box Scratcher” banana)… I personally feel that it is the only board that can be called a “Quiver Killer”. I have ridden/owned several other boards and not one can compare to the Skate Banana. The price point of the board in my opinion is more than reasonable… Honestly, it is hard for me to sell my other boards, not because of any personal attachment, but simply because I think everyone should have the pleasure of riding a Banana…
    Good luck on finding a Skate Banana, cause they are hard to find in any shop! When you do snatch it up and enjoy, cause your going to have the biggest smile on your face!
    P.S. I will try and gets some vids and pics to post…

  • KIRK

    I recently purchased on of your silly little bananas, so today i took it out at Okemo today for the first time. this thing is fu%kin awesome! i love it. just wanted to let you know.

  • jonah mason-roy

    looking for a small tidbit of advice…i WILL be getting a ’59 banana, am around 200lbs, have ridden the ’56 banana, it ripped, however, will be riding more than groomers on it (like fresh rocky mountain fluff), my query is the ’59 banana, or the ’59 TRS banana? thanks in advance, but gotta find out sooner than later, peace

  • josh

    i demoed a bannana 152 at high cascade this summer… it was the most amazing board ever. i have pretty good nose presses but with the “rocker” i could press so high. and i cant really do tail presses but i got a good onr first try with the banana. i love it, im saving up for one right now!

  • Tyler

    I rode the TRS Banana on Thanksgiving at Snowshoe , WV. First time riding Lib Tech. The conditions were wet slush and it was raining hard {changed to snow late afternoon]. I started the day out on the Trice Donkephant and Ill have to say that Im a believer in Magna Traction. When you lock into a turn you just have such a better edge hold. To my suprise the Trice was pretty stiff. Im not beastly like Travis , I weigh 150 on a good day so I like a more flexy board. When I switched it up to my Naner’ , I was in heaven. All the control between my feet and the magna edge hold. It didnt catch on the boxes or rails and overall really blew my mind. Same as my friend who was on the Skate Naner 159. The other guy in our Lib crew was rockin the new Skunk Ape 162. We are all so happy with our purchases. Not only did it land me a sick job at a local shop , the boards f*ckin rip.

  • Teri Brooks

    Just wanted to say that I am in love with the banana snowboard. Have the 152, shortest board I’ve ever ridden and don’t think i can go back to any other board! The buttering on it is amazing! I’ve told everyone I love it, and have recruited some to the dark side!
    keep it up!

  • Steve Bigeault

    I ride the lib skate banana 156 ,is the best board i ever ride .it’s really different than any other board.control like a skateboard!UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
    now in Québec city at Gagné Vélo Ski

  • xTonyx

    hey fat kids!!!
    no worries on the banana im 5’7′ and over two bills. I bought and ride the 152 (i used to ride a libe 156) and it is sick. Alot of boards you give up speed and control going that short and being so short and stubby. Not the case with the banana i have been riding TIMBERLINE AKA “the palmer ice field”, and i have never been able to shred this good on any conditions much less ice.
    I ride with a skier (a great one) and for once he was satsified with my pace.
    this board is ill GET IT!!!!!
    hoping ski bowl opens friday!!!!

  • Derek

    I had my first few powder days this week on the banana at Copper. All I have to say is: centered stance, deep low to mid angle powder, didn’t go over the bars once, goofy and regular. What the Fuck, I feel like I have to repeat that. I’ve been riding twins(off of my back foot) in the powder for the past couple of years, and nothing even comes close to this board. It seems as though there is less resistance with this board as it slides over powder. Like it fucking accelerates out of turns or something. I’ve sold all five of my other boards, without hesitation this week. I need another 59 banana dude. I can’t imagine riding any other board now (Except for maybe a 162 banana with spaded powtips). I have a couple of friends riding bananas, and all we do is annoy are other friends who don’t have one by laughing at how fucking fun and better this board is. Hahaha. I’ve officially gone bananas for life until something proves better. Finally a true twin pow board. Fucking awesome.

  • O’DB

    Nice post Beau. Thanks.
    Flying out from the UK in a few weeks for 2 weeks of boarding heaven in CO. Picking up a (pre-ordered) TRS 159 w MT & Banana, and from the posts it sounds like it should kill most conditions I’ll need it for (all mountain, powder, etc. some jumps but generally I’m pretty lame & wary of too much park stuff). Do have a Never Summer Summit, pow-specific board, but sounds like the TRS ‘Nana will be fine & dandy in the fluff – should i drop the Never Summer and just ride the TRS?
    Also, Beau and anyone with local knowledge of Keystone and other local mountains: any insider tips for best runs, best/longest lasting powder, decent bars, food etc.
    Cheers in advance for any local advice to make the trip (even) better.

  • Freqanomix

    SWEET!!! Just ordered one the other day in Australia where I live, and they told me it would be 10 days until they got the new stock in. Man is this Banana hard to track down! Has only been 3 days and its the longest time I have EVER had to wait. Its not even Winter over here yet but just can wait to spin it on its Nana top!!! Good times ahead me know it!!!