Banana Snowboards by Lib Tech Snowboards

Banana Snowboards by Lib Tech Snowboards: Here is a list of all the Banana Snowboards that Lib Tech has produced for the 0708 winter season. These Lib Tech Banana Snowboards are available at a Lib Tech Dealer near you.
Lib Tech Skate Banana Snowboard
Cygnus X1 Banana Snowboard
TRS Banana Snowboard
Box Scratcher Banana Snowboard
Banana Hammock Banana Snowboard


Please feel free to post your comments about any of our Banana Snowboards below:

I have been rocking my 156 Skate Banana Snowbaord since opening weekend at A-basin and have been riding Keystone since they opened…
I was throwing down at Keystone’s park setup on Spring Dipper this past Wednesday and people had nothing but questions or comments about the banana snowboard. Everyone wanted to know either how it rode or provide positive comments from when they had demoed it the previous year… So not only is it “The One and Only Quiver Killer”, but it is quite the conversation starter.
On the quiver killer note, I currently own a xurton uninc 158, xome artifact 150, x2 www 151 and a xurton custom 154. My banana snowboard 156 totally blows all of them away. It is so poppy, buttery and the edge hold has been like no other. This thing is all around AWESOME! I haven’t touched the edges since I bought it and it didn’t snag when I boardslide a ribbed culvert at Keystone. It doesn’t slide out on early Keystone ice and trust me I have laid down some hard edges on those ice patches just to put this banana snowboard to the test. The base is so fast that you need hardly any space between hits. So now am I looking at getting rid of all my other boards and possibly picking up the boxscratcher banana snowbaord if I can get a deal on one… What can I say I am stuck on the banana and everyone has banana envy… Some have asked if I thought riding the banana was cheating and I said NO, cause anyone can buy this thing… Go get a banana snowboard and experience TRUE GREATNESS under your feet! Like the others posting on this forum I have nothing to gain from posting here except to help the other consumers like myself out. If you have more questions hit me up at Keystone and I will do my best to answer…
For those worried about toe drag, weight and all that stuff… I am 5’9 162 with a size 10 boot… I rock a 23 inch stance set to 15 front and back. I haven’t had any problem with toe drag and like I said I have put the nana to the test.
P.S. I am proud that my banana snowboard was built in the USA!!! Keep up the GREAT WORK at LIB-TECH!!! Thanks!!!

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