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FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Bluebird Baker

Mt Baker opened yesterday with bluebird and pow.
Most WA shred locals made it out for the first baker day and were glad it was not the industry junk show like last season’s opener.
It was a powder day for sure, some areas were low tide, but with jedi skills u could float the rocks and trees for the most part.
More snow is on the way and the other resorts are opening soon so get out there and enjoy, say hi to Faye.

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  • fedya n

    WORD IT WAS EPIC OUT TODAY. i took out my 5 slippery nanner for the first time and had some of the easiest funnest turns of any opening day . the babbana ripped everything from little drops with icy landings , to some lips , to the pinky park , and even some freshies that i scoured. it truly is the quiver killer…. its all from between the feet , turns link so quick , never have i done a fakie 270 front board on opening day either…
    sickness, then on the drive home i ate some bannanas for energy….


    I had my ninja skills alright!!! armed with my mullet for a light saber, serrated edge ohhhhhhhh