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i`m thanking lib Tech for the best board i`ve ever riden in my life!

magne Traction rules!
best wishes Dave!

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  • I am stoked for winter, and to ride my Lib.
    I bough your DIY board last year, and I am keepin’ it oldschool with out the Magne-traction,
    and rockin’ it tough.
    Send me some stickers please,
    Camron Falter

  • fedya

    id also like ta thank ya …. FOR THE MOST EPIC BOARD… skate bannana makes me happier every time i ride it… it seems like the worse the conditions (i.e. stevens pass with 27 inches) the harder that thing rips… truly a break through… its like skating , bt a lil harder
    thanks lib

  • I’ve been riding for 12 season passes now and I can honestly say I will never ever ride a cambered board again.
    My greatest thanks to Lib-Tech and Mervin for producing the most fun board ever made. There really is nothing like a banana. It’s like snowboarding… but BETTER!
    I rode a 56 skate banana for most of last southern-hemi season (07) after 2 years on the Phoenix and it is amazing. frontside off ya toes! No catching. No stance-change mucking. No camber, No worries 🙂