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Travis Rice Overall Win at Nissan X-Trail Jam

Photos and Story by Tim Zimmerman
This weekend saw the TTR world tour return to Tokyo, Japan for the Nissan X-Trail Jam. Travis Rice returned as well, looking to defend last year’s big-air win and attempt a quarter pipe win to boot.
Saturday’s quarter pipe jam saw a stacked lineup of shreds including Japanese riders coming on strong with huge, clean, consistent airs. Travis took full advantage of the jam session with a variety of tricks that solidly planted him in 1st place.
Sunday’s big air contest was no less ferocious of a competition. Travis’qualified 2nd with a solid double back flip truck driver amid at least 3 other double back flips thrown by other riders.
Quarterfinals was a heated 30 minute jam session. Riders climbed the scaffolding furiously trying to get as many runs in as possible. Travis pulled out the big guns with solid spins and a double backside rodeo 1080 to secure his place in the super final round.
Travis was firing on all cylinders and unleashed two giant double backside rodeo 10’s but couldn’t get the landing gear dialed in. His efforts put him in 2nd with Risto Matilla taking the win.
Rice’s 1st place quarter pipe and 2nd place big air finishes gave him the overall win, 1000 TTR points, a grip of Yen and a Nissan X-Trail.
travisSeqtd.gif Double Back Flip Truck Driver
Congratulations to Travis for another solid win!
Rock On,
– Tim

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  • stantech

    Holy sheep shit…way to capture the action Tim

  • Todd

    Yeah I second that. Nice pics Tim.
    Shout out from Holiday Valley.
    What the hell is a Nissan X-Trail? Like an Xterra?
    My TRS Banana is coming for Christmas. Color me psyched!

  • jLO

    Homeschool rips.

  • mattia

    yeah travis!!keep it cool

  • Zim

    Holiday Valley, hell yeah!
    Thanks for the kind words.
    Homeschool rips, indeed.

  • ry

    Go Dennis, you killed it out there, that’s sick bro… Hit me up if your ever around NYC.

  • jt

    Wwhats the bet there’s way more win’s co come again this season, well done big man!!

  • Russell

    Bought your board today. Ridden lots of nice decks but you nailed it. Thanks

  • Kyslee Viterna

    dude that is some crazy footage hell ya way to bo crazy ass


    travis rice is a fucking sick ass rider hopefully I’ll be on your team one of these days

  • evan g

    trice for president,he slaughters nething u put in front of him