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Message: I just spent the day ripping with a 2007 trs magnetraction board, wholly freackin shnit. The thing that sticks out in my mind is when our group headed off trail and every one was commenting on how crusty it was. What crust??????
I didn’t hit the ground once, super stable at high speed, turned side scetch runs into fall line rippers.
I will ride no other board!!!!! my burton custom is now my rock board.
Magnetraction rocks.
Ti Archer

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  • stantech

    wise man say……You will ride a bananatraction

  • Jay

    Just recently got my hands on a new 161.5 T.Rice MTX and its bloody gorgeous.
    I ride in NZ on Turoa, a mountain notorius for its ice and ever since getting this board my mindsets gone from “Watch out watch out for the icy patches” to not having to once worry about hitting icy patches.
    Amazing boards.
    Never want to ride a board without Magnetraction. Specially on these pesky icy mountains we have here.
    My old boards now resigned to rocky days + the sand dunes.