Dear Lib,
My name is Dusty Smith and I am a manager at Christy Sports in Telluride Colorado and just got my Banana. I just want to say that the Banana is the sickest board I have ever rode. I have been riding for 15 years and grew up in Washington I have always rode libs with the exception of a Never Summer or a K2 in there somewhere. Everyone I know is selling all there boards and only riding banana’s. I am even selling my Mullet there are no need for quivers anymore. I ride alot of backcountry and can’t believe the versatility of the board. I have been riding libs forever and it only seems right that Lib has pushed the bar to a level so high. I wish next year that we might see a longer version of the Banana, the TRS Banana is impossible to get. I was on the chair lift today and all four of us were on Banana’s its the only board that I am afraid that I might get jumped for. Its hard to get and everyone wants it. I am addicted to the board and to LIb. I guess I am writing because I just got off the Banana 20 minutes ago and it has changed my life forever. IT IS THE SICKEST THING EVER.
Dusty Smith
Manger Christy Sports
Telluride, Colorado

Categories: Happened on a Banana!, Letters


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