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I just wanted to say thanks for building the best snowboard ever. I Demo’d a Banana at Brighton and then went to Salty Peaks and bought one later that night. I knew if I didn’t every time I strapped in I would feel like riding a snowboard wasn’t as much fun as it could be.

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  • Ezra Perkins

    hey my name is Ezra i live in sequim close to mervins and i want to say you guys ROCK! you just hooked up three of my friends wtih new boards im riding a Lib right now its older but i definetly am amazed by how much better they are then any other board Way to go! Travis you are the man! and all you lib riders FUCK YEA!

  • Louis Albano

    Best board ive ever rided and to date the standard in board tech…thank you for making the most kick ass board ever