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Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

my TRS

well here’s my story….
i spent my summer last year working to save up for a new TRS. sure enough by the end of august i had it, and i couldnt wait until the first snow came down and i could take it out for a spin. i had a full seasons worth of time out ripping on my board and all i can say is, WOW! i love you guys, your all geniuses for creating something like that. However with the start of this new season of snow, my beloved board was stolen from me. i was distraught and heart broken, i loved that board. it was like a brother to me. so again i would just like to say thank you for creating such a fine board. and that i am saving up again so that soon i may have another wonderful TRS to ride.
… you guys are genius….
-Kevin Butler

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  • stantech

    This is a good thing!!! Your going to want that TRS with Banana…..”In your face” to the guy that stole your board. That’s bad Karma. Let’s just say he’s bananaless….

  • I know how it feels to get a board jacked. I had a GNU dk vertigo and took it up once on baker before it got snatched. But after that I went and bought a TRS and trully. You guys are the shit. Rides better then the vertigo in pow and maybe park too But I havent found out yet. After that of course I se my vertigo chillin on the racks at baker. I snatched that shit back.

  • dax olivares

    Go ahead and work overtime everyday to get another TRS! I just got a TRS and its the best board I ever ridden!

  • I got a TRS 159 with Banana this year and I’ve been lovin the board and riding it all over summit county. The banana brings a whole new element to riding and the magna-traction is crazy precise.
    I’m not sure if I got a defect though, because there is nothing stiff about my board, it’s a complete noodle. I put it up next to my buddy’s Banana Skate and his board has 3X the stiffness and pop. I even took it to a local shop and they all agreed, the thing is way blown out…
    I thought the TRS was supposed to be stiff?!??

  • John

    I just got a TRS magne-traction Im not too sure if i bought the right size…i bought a “154” im 5’6″ 150lbs i dont do too much rails though i was thinking about getting 151 instead can someone give me some pointers…

  • Greg Anderson

    hey you guys are awesome. keep up the great work. I just retired my old Lib board(handed it down) and got the new TRS. we just got dumped on and ran my board in the deep pow and had a great day and look forward to many years of riding in style.
    Great Job

  • Todd Schilling

    I know the story, my TRS with the magnatraction i bought last year was stolen also earier this year at Big Sky here in Montana. luckily i have great parents who sent me money to buy a new board and my skate banana is on its way

  • h

    Just got my trs mxt 157 today, just wondering if anyone can provide me with the neutral setup screw locations? Or is there meant to be an offset for the trs?

  • Ray

    Hey! On January 21st around 2 PM at Breckenridge, CO at the base of peak 9 in front of the Beaver Run lift, someone lifted my brand new 2007 TRS with Magne Traction!!! It was fitted with Ride Tomcat bindings and had a gold cross stomp pad…if anyone sees it around, please email me! I was only able to ride it for 2 days before some jackass stole the thing. It was the best riding sled I’ve ever faced.