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FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75


Dear lib tech, the skate banana snowboard is by far the best snowboard i have ever ridden, last season i had a travis rice pro model that was also a great board. i just wanted to say thanks for making such good snowboards!
-Mike Halvorsen

Categories: Happened on a Banana!, Letters

  • Buck Nasty

    I’ve gone banana’s for the skate banana, this is my first lib tech ever, i just had to try this board, and its amazing, it actually make snowboarding easier. I’ve had burtons, jeenyus, and forums all my life, and none of those boards even compete with my new skate banana. I heard magna trac was good but i didnt realize it was that good. The second i took my first turn I felt the trac and I luv it. N for the reverse camber all i gotta say is wooooooow. All my friends have become jealouse on how easy I make it look with my banana. I recommend this board to every season rider out there that jus wants to have more fun.

  • hmmmm

    what is going on in this picture??

  • bigkat

    Looks like a backside slappy, grabby thinger. Love my Skate Banana!

  • Steeze Police

    Looks like some sort of nethod or tailfish. $50 fine.

  • mike Halverson

    its a hand plant grab thing, the jump is a joke its so small so i just mess arround on it