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A family of Skunk Apes sighted at Snoqualmie!!!!

Skunkape Sighting in WA!!!
Deep Snow conditions at the Summit have produced this rather large family of Skunkapes. Heavy snow in the WA mtns tend to migrate the rare large species of Ape to the upper elevations. Stay tuned for more findings from the mobile Ape locator unit!!!!

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  • KRush

    Rumors abound that they have been destroying pow lines at Silver Fir and Hyak…although impressed by the shred, locals have found the smell of the Ape quite pungent and liken it to stale Oly.
    More as it comes…

  • Jaymo

    Just the other day I was up at Mt Hood Meadows and one attacked my ankles. It attached itself to my feet with its ratchet type hands and dragged me all over the mountain.
    at first i was scared, but then I realized that I was pretty safe. It seemed to know exataly what it was doing, avoiding trees and scaling the steeps with ease.
    After a bunch of hours, around 4pm, it set me free in the parking lot without problem…….wow! it was crazy!
    Me Love You Long Time,

  • naim bossi

    just picked up my 09′ ape from THE shop in glacier. the most ridiculous artwork i’ve come across!
    bring on the storms!!!
    in a hurry please.