I love my Bananas!

Yo Mervin,
I was able to demo the Skate Banana at last years Baker LBS and totally loved it. I was so stoked in fact that I sold my last years TRS 159 (previous favorite board in the world) and Riders Choice 157.5, and picked up a new TRS Banana 159 and Skate Banana 156 from Sno Con this season. I got to tell you the Bananas are the greatest boards I have ever set foot on. I was down in Bachelor last week and just killed the pow on the TRS! And the Skate Banana is so sick for butters and boxes it ridiculous.
Here is my problem though- my wife is super bummed about me spackling the mountains with my Bananas while she is stuck on a regular board. Who do I have to bribe/beg/steal from to get her a Banana in the 146 to 148 size?
Thanks for making snowboarding funner than it already was!

Categories: Happened on a Banana!, Letters


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