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Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Banana Tafari

I’m blown away by the Naner.
I rode it yesterday at Crystal in Balls deep pow. A 159 in balls deep pow!!!!!
It kills it on traverses. It kills it in Pow. I am a Banana Tech believer………

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  • O’DB

    Posted this on a previous post, but is a little buried so thought i’d give it another shot (WebMonkey – how do i start my own post/thread?)
    Flying out from the UK in a few weeks for 2 weeks of boarding heaven in CO. Picking up a (pre-ordered) TRS 159 w MT & Banana, and from this post & others on here it sounds like it should kill most conditions I’ll need it for (all mountain, powder, etc. some jumps but generally I’m pretty lame & wary of too much park stuff). Do have a Never Summer Summit, pow-specific board, but sounds like the TRS ‘Nana will be fine & dandy in the fluff – should i drop the Never Summer and just ride the TRS?
    Also, anyone with local knowledge of Keystone and other local mountains: any insider tips for best runs, best/longest lasting powder, decent bars, food etc.
    Cheers in advance for any local advice to make the trip (even) better; maybe buy you a beer if your Keystone way.

  • james sweet

    Yo I Live in chamonix france and have been tryin to get a 159 banana for ages, is there anywhere near me I can go get one??

  • Fieldholla

    Yo I just got back from an awesome ride on the Naner’ here in Gifu, Japan and that mofo’ rocked. We had an icy day, no POW, but boy did we rip it. I’ve got the 159 and I can’t say enough about how sick this board is. We are headed to Hokkaido next where the POW is waist deep!

  • O’DB

    James – ordered mine on Amazon (via Backcountry) — no sh&t. Long since sold out but ordered it back in November, shipped to a mate in Chi-town and will pick it up on my way thro’ on the way to Colorado.
    Need to get in quick/early season or hope that someone posts on board-shop sites, maybe eBay?
    Anyone: any advice for Keystone/A-basin/Copper/Breckenridge?

  • andrew

    keystone has awesome everything
    breckenridge is kinda flat, nice park, has a lift to the very top which is very nice
    a-basin has some extremely steep terrain and isn’t as touristy as the other places, but is also smaller,
    copper I’ve heard is fun, but have never been to.
    about the banana boards, anyone know if Gnu is going to pick up the technology for next year like they did the magne-traction? Also, you think there will be a lot more boards with banana tech on them next year?

  • O’DB

    Cheers for the suggestions Andrew.
    From what i’ve heard, nana-tech has been a big success for Mervin, so think they’re planning on ramping up the nana containing boards. Certainly a range of sizes in existing nana boards are in the pipe-line.
    anyone have any advice on TRS 159 w BT in powder? Have a pow-specific board (Never Summer Summit) but am thinking about dropping it in favour of the all-mountain, pow-friendly TRS.

  • mattyb

    loved my 59 skate banana so much that i bought a 56 skate banana as well (in blue). i ride about 150 days a year so i figured having two bananas couldn’t hurt..
    whats the deal with the blue banana?? i had to buy it when i saw it..was there alot of them made..or just a limited amount?? should i feel lucky to own one..or will everyone have one soon??

  • Eric

    Please tell me Travis is gonna have a Banana option on his decks next season……A Trice 157 Banana would be a sick counterpart to my Skate Banana (which by the way, is the best board I’ve ever ridden)Thank’s LIB.

  • fedN

    just rode my bro-nanna for about 12 hours yesterday, from dry pow in shady trees on the far side of the power lines at stevens , to sun soaked pow on pegusus , to some park jibery then waited for darkness with some rest to go do some ice butters. followin this dude around who had no edge and it was hilarious to see him struggle. only problem i can think of is too much potasium buter and such a thing doesnt exist.
    i pitty who ever dont have a bannana by the start of 08/09 season

  • ian

    Everything is going banana next year. Probably gonna through in some more sizes for things like the TRS, GNU is under the same parent company as lib(who forever seems to be off in their own little world doing whatever they want,which is good) but lets see if GNU gets it, they should.

  • Jordi Mol

    I love the banana man!
    Riding alot at indoorslopes in Holland. I love the feel of almost having a skatedeck at your feet! So good..!!!
    greetzZ from Holland! 🙂

  • TY

    I have a 159 TRS Nana’ w/ MTX and its a definite quiver killer. Best board Ive ever rode by far and Ive rode a Burton Custom , Trice Donkephant K2 Podium and Jibpan and all were blown away. I live in Ohio and ride ice on the daily. I have so much control with this board it doesnt phase me at all. I also rode it in waist deep pow and it was like floating on a cloud. I will say that the MTX is a must as well. Dont just get a Banana. Whats a Banana sundae without all the toppings ?