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FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Hey dude, here are some banana pics from Canada!

New years eve-eve, We drove from Big White to Red Mountain and the park director, Jordan had freshly painted the rails red. We helped put a few in and went out for some partying that night. Next day we go shredding and by lunch our boards are bleeding!!
Funny jokes were made and we went looking for powder. That one pic of the slash were there is some sun comin through Jack’s armpit was about the only 5 minutes of sun we got that day, still epic pow.
We drove back to Biggie that night cause it was new years and went to a condo party. Don’t remember the rest but shredding the next day was tough. So we went for some groomers and got an awesome method pic of myself and a few other weird shifty 180’s. Fun, lazy first day of the year!!
Sincerely, Roman

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  • Mike

    took mine into the blackcomb backcountry today

  • chad

    Roman, you’re a bada$$!

  • Adam

    Thsi board looks like it will do everything! I am looking for a new board for jibbing all over the mountain and also want to hit the powder. Was size do you ride? I am 6’1″. I normally ride a 156 for all mountain but find it struggles in pow. But with this boards tech I was hoping to ride about the same size or even shorter! What do you think?

  • Jeff

    I remember you being at Big White, you said hey nice jacket ( we had the same one) and the n I said hey nice leg bag – we had a connection

  • Chad

    Roman, I hope you’re havin a blast out there this week. Drop me a line if ya know when you’ll be back. Oh ya, pics of my car for your g/f are up if she wants to see them. Peace.