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FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Thanks for making the banana

Hi guys, thanks a lot for making suck a fun board to ride.
Got my 159 banana a week ago and it rocks! Super smooth riding.I’m gonna dismiss all my quiver.. no more troubles in getting the right board for the right condition. Banana forever!

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  • paul

    hey merv – just wantd to say that the 159 skate banana i got from you guys is way fun all around. pow turns, ice turns, off piste turns. it feels cool to have all your control right between your feet for balance. i got my girlfriend on it when bachelor had 18 inches of fresh, and she loved it. props for changing the way we snowboarders look at snowboarding. – p

  • Chris

    Bananas poised to take over the world!! U.S. RDA of Powtassium for all! Ride a banana into the future!!! Cambered boards hate freedom way more than Dub-ya!!

  • George

    is every company next year having some sort of banana rip-off tech? pshhhhhh lame!

  • Jordi Mol

    I just love the TRS with MTX and BT. Its killin’ it!
    Riding alot at indoorslopes in Holland. People looked at the board and thought.. what the hell!? Why are they making boards with that shape? I tell them : Just because they can!
    Thanks LIB!
    GreetzZ from Holland!

  • Sniglet!

    First real blower pow day on the banana and omfg, that board is nukin’ futz. First tracks in a 20″ overnight dump. switch face shots, no problem. redonkulous. Thanks again for making the banana.