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Extension Ramp Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Extension Ramp Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Skate Banana

My wife bought me a 159 skate banana for Christmas. I’m 36, 6′ 1″, 200lbs. and I just got back into riding about 5 years ago after taking a 7 year break. After getting back into it, I bought a Ride Prophet. Tail was too stiff, nose was too soft. I then bought a Lib Teck Emma Peel wide. Too soft overall. I then bought a 168 Ride Yukon. Too wide but I liked it overall. I just rode my skate banana for the first time with a 23″ stance and rode it all day. I brought my other boards to the mountain just in case but never even looked at them. I rode in the park, in powder until it was gone and then on ice. The board just works. It’s just right. I’m also really happy that it’s made in the USA.
Canterbury, NH

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  • fed of funksville

    just out of curiosity me and a friend switched boards for 2 runs on a sunny-ice stevens pass afternoon. he got me free base repair so i did feel obligated to let him in on the fun. so i steped on to his hurt-on quwustum-ex and it just sucked. it was only good on groomers and evil camber got in the way of all kindsa skatey fun.
    after about a run and a half i started to emotionally and physically mis slippery bannana tech.
    thanks to the innovation of the experi-MENTAL gentle men at lib im hooked , and in a year or two my frinds will have conformed to the word – the word being BANANA

  • Awesome. Welcome back, D.
    I just got on a SKATE BANANA this year as well. I usually wakeboard in the Summer (yeah, I know…most people think that’s beat..but I also skate, and skaters think snowboarding is beat)
    But I digress.
    The BANANA is perfect for transitioning from water to snow to concrete. I never made the switch up so easily. Completely stoked.
    Filed off all my edges too, and due to the MAGNE-TRAC, it still holds better on bad snow than my old DOMINANT.
    Slides rails better too. The sintered base is slicker than slick, the edges don’t hang, and if you land a bit off, you don’t plant the edge…that rocker keeps you mice and loose.
    I’m hooked. Let’s hope they keep making them!!!

  • Snow Monkey

    I’ve gone banana’s over Lib Tech’s “Skate Banana!” Incredible feel, easy to control, and most important, it’s f**king fun to ride! Been snowboarding for about 8 years and have owned 5 boards throughout the years (Custom, Custom X, BMC, Timeless) and none of these boards compare to Lib Tech’s Skate Banana! The Magne-Traction works awesome! Took this baby up to Stevens Pass where it dumped 20in of fresh pow everywhere. The Banana literally FLOATS in the powder and cuts through hard turns with ease. No more back leg burn while leaning back in the deep stuff, the banana rocker does the work for you. Let the board take you for a ride, it will go wherever you want, just think it and the board reacts! Like surfing on snow, “because we’re not skiing!”

  • Ventu

    Banana….skate banana..skate banana..skate banana!



  • Valeio Ventura ITALY S:DOMENICO

    ma dove vaii se la banana non ce l’haiiiiiii???!!!

  • buck nasty

    okay let me tell u a lil story, last year I caught some rare fungi that almost killed me, blastomycosis, sat in bed for 6 months last year, only got 2 ride 3 times cuz of preseason hand rails, next year I was back 3 riding once I got the okay from the doc, ps, this sickness caused a cyst inside my heel n 2 surgerys, so my heel was like n egg shell, as the 08 season came I was riding my youngblood n eddiewall n I could no longer press all day n ride pow without my legs falling off at the end of the day, so I went out n got the 156 skate banana n I was pressing harder n higher than I was before I even screwed up my heel, I actually had more endurance in pow than my friends did, I loved floating pow wow with my banana, I guarantee all my buddys get 1 last year after seeing me go from gimp to pimp, I was so impressed with the sb I also got a box scratcher, this board is so sick on rails, pressing became the simplest thing in the world, it so easy half the time u gotta ask ure buddy if it was pressed cuz it sure didnt feel like it 2 me, no more aggresively leaning 2 press your board, it’s as simple as lifting the opposite leg a tiny little bit, without my sb n bs I wouldn’t be shredding this hard this year, ps I just finished a road trip, u.p. Michigan, Colorado, Utah, tahoe, Wyoming these board work every where from Midwest ice to west coast pow, all my friends now want 1 of each,

  • brckrider

    hey i am gonna buy a banana for this season and i was wondering what bindings would make a good setup price and brand aint really a matter…just looking for some recommendations

  • Kyle OD

    I bought this board a few weeks ago. Looks good. Cant wait to use it!!!

  • E_Nels

    I have owned a Skate Banana for the past two years and just recently got my hands on a rotten banana, which is a limited edition board designed specifically for a Snowboard shop here in Salt Lake City. The graphic on this board is definetly better than the original boards. This board is one of only 200 made.

  • Captain John Black

    I am a newbie 44 year that just learned to snowboard. I have been on demo boards Burton Custom was a piece of junk then I tried a GNU Riders choice I really liked this board. Then I tried the 156 Skate Banana nothing was even close to this board. I truly felt like the board was part of me which made me more confident. I am looking for a SB as we speak.

  • debo

    need 135