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Remembering Jared


“More than words can say” sums up our disbelief at the loss of a great person, but I will try to use words to remember Jared.

My first impression of Jared came on the Peninsula College Soccer Field during the fall 06 season. As a part time coach I watched him lay down one of the cleanest and hardest soccer slide tackles I have ever seen. All ball and all power with dreadlocks flying. “Who was that?” I asked the players. Jared Nagel from Oregon came the reply.

He later attested to co-workers at Mervin that he could have laid me out on a tackle during an indoor soccer game at the college, but decided to hold back so that he could get a job at the factory. Thinking that if he took me out he wouldn’t get the job. Jared was very eager and enthusiastic to get a job at Mervin and we hired him in the summer of 07’. It turned out to be one of Mervin’s best hires as Jared quickly showed his outstanding character, work ethic, computer prowess and common sense at the factory. He became very good friends with all his co-workers in a very short period of time. Jared impressed bosses and brightened people’s days with his cheerful zest for life personality. In the fall he very successfully balanced his schedule between school, work and soccer. He was selected to all –league team in the Nwaac and helped to lead the Pirate Soccer team to a division title and a fourth place finish in the nwaac.

“Carpe diem” he would say in summer time when it stays light until 10 pm. “You going surfing? Do it…. You should go.”

See you tomorrow. “Don’t die,” he would say ironically at the end of the workday.

Rest in peace Jared. You lived your life to the fullest and lifted up our spirits everyday at Mervin. You influenced us all in a profound and positive way. Though you were only twenty you taught us lessons as if you were the old wise man. You followed your own path. You did what you thought was right in life and stood up for your own beliefs. Your character lives on in us. You are a part of us. Our future actions are guided by your presence in our lives. We will never forget you and are very grateful that you could be a part of our lives albeit for such a short time.

We offer our deepest sympathy to Jared’s parents, girlfriend and family in this tragic time. It is so “cliché”, but you died doing what you love with loved ones around you. Shred eternally ripper. I probably shouldn’t have attempted this piece because words really cannot say how much this devastates us and how much you will be missed.


Starting to plant
There was a memorial ceremony for Jared on Tuesday night at Peninsula College. I guess Jared had made some remark at one point about how if he ever died, he wanted his funeral to be a party and everyone should wear pink… so lots of people were wearing pink, including his parents and sisters. A bunch of people spoke, including the college soccer coaches (Jared was a soccer star there) and the Nib spoke, he gave a eulogy and did a great job in front of the crowd, a side of him I’ve never seen. We had made a couple of custom boards with his picture on them, which everyone in the factory signed and the Nib and Ambur and Eric presented them to his parents and his girlfriend at the memorial ceremony.


Planting the tree
After the big ceremony, a group of people – mostly family and friends, came back here to the Mervin factory and we planted a tree in Jared’s honor here. It’s a Thundercloud flowering plum tree (Prunus cerasifera) so it will bloom pink every spring. The Audette brothers built a bench to sit by the tree, and Ambur got a plaque made to put on the bench. It was after dark by the time we got back here, so we planted the tree by the light of some headlights, and most of my pictures are not that clear.

Jared’s girlfriend and the bench

The tree planting gathering

The next day

Plaque on the bench

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  • Samuel Nagel

    Jared Nagel is my cousin. On Sat. February 2 at Stevens Pass, in a tragic and horrific accident, Jared was killed snowboarding. Jared went too big off a jump and on impact snapped his collarbone in half (it was the 7th time he had broken his collarbone). As a result of the break a sliver of the bone severed an artery and Jared bled to death internally. Ski Patrol Medics saw the accident occur and responded immediately, but there was nothing that could be done. Jared’s girlfriend, Paige, was on the mountain (in the lodge) when the accident occurred.
    Jared was the most amazing snowboarder I ever knew. Actually, Jared was amazing at everything he ever did: longboarding, skateboarding, rollerblading, scuba diving, soccer, etc. Jared once broke two different kids legs in ONE soccer game. He just played with thta much passion and aggression. I hated Jared for being so RIDICULOUSLY good looking. Jared had the most amazing personality and sense of humor EVER…SERIOUSLY. Jared was the most popular guy in Salem, OR by far. Everyone knew Jared and everyone LOVED Jared.
    I had an opportunity that many of you didn’t and that is that I got to see Jared grow up from a young age. He used to be such a punk. I remember when I was 5 and he was 6 I threw a chunk of ice and hit him in the head with it; its the only time I ever say him cry.
    But through it all I know that he had a huge heart and passion for the LORD. I’m so proud of the MAN, a MAN of the LORD, that Jared was able to become in his short 20 years of life that GOD gave to him. I am blessed to be able to call him family. And I’m so thankful for the impact that he had on my life, as well as the huge impact he had on the lives’ of many countless others. Jared’s dream was to move to Scotland and plant a church.
    I find some comfort in the fact that Jared ended his life doing what he loved: snowboarding AND going bigger than anyone else.
    The day after the accident occurred Jared’s mom, Joyce, said that Jared just had to beat everyone at everything, so he just beat us all to heaven.
    A few weeks before this happened Jared jokingly had a conversation with Paige about what he wanted at his funeral. He wanted everyone to wear HOT pink and drink milkshakes and have a party. So we’re making that all happen.
    I love you Jared and I’ll see you when I, too, make the trip home to be with the LORD. I love you, man.

  • Brian

    Jared was one of those good people…Always smiles and always friendly. I did not get to know him long but it was apparent that he loved and was loved. There is nothing that can take away the impact that he had on me and others he encountered.
    Prayers go out to your lady and your family.

  • Pat

    I never met Jared but I was there when the Ski Patrol was trying to revive him at Stevens Pass. Even though I never met him, it was very sad hearing about what happened. My best wishes go out to his family and friends.

  • Freya Fennwood

    I met Jared last year somewhere around this time. The first time we met we went recklessly lobbing ourselves off a hillside covered in ivy to emerge from the bottom with grins of ridicules joy. I remember thinking, “Wow, this is cool you don’t meet people who like to do random things like bush-jumping every day.” Quickly we became good friends and went on amazing adventures searching for serf, biking through thick mud, and I get to boast I introduced him to kayaking.
    Jared became an instant favorite with us in Port Townsend. When he wasn’t here adventuring with us, we were bugging him about his next visit.
    I heard Jared died on Monday. I received the phone call 20 minutes after I had tried calling him, and had gotten a full voice box. I couldn’t believe it and wouldn’t. I had just talked to him on Friday. I let a silent strangling cry rip into my friend’s ear. Of all the people I know, Jared deserved death the least. I didn’t know his family or friends from Oregon, but my best wishes and love goes out to you. Jared was an amazing person, and I’m sure all his friend and family who helped form his being are amazing as well. I thank you for letting him come to the Olympic Peninsula and sharing him with us. We are so lucky to have had him in our lives. The pain I feel at his loss, is the pain of how amazing he was in life. He was funny, outrageous, daring, sang out loud, had random and amazing ideas, did every sport, and excelled at all of them, but above all, loved living, and was an amazingly good person. Saying this doesn’t even come close to capturing him, or keeping him. Something you might like to know, and that comforts me a little, is remembering a phone call I got from him this summer. Jared was supposed to come to Port Townsend,but got distracted by some adventure down in Salem. He called me and said,
    “What is the one thing that you have to do before you die?”
    “I duno, what?”
    “just guess!”
    “mmmmmm skydive?”
    A sound of immense joy swelled up in his voice as he said,
    “Yes, yes Skydive! That’s exactly what I did this morning”
    Jared your awesome. May your particles of awesomeness spread though the world and create more joy, more laughter, and more adventure!

  • Joel Nagel

    My name is Joel Nagel. Jared is my cousin and he is by far the coolest guy i have ever known. I know that his death was unpreventable. That just means that he was done partying here and God wanted to party with him more. I know that he died doing something that he loved. I would also like to say that i am sorry to Paige, I know that you loved Jared and he loved you.
    No matter how many times I say that I understand, I really don’t. Jared and I had just talked and he was give me a form to get half off of a lib. tech board and he was going to come and stay with me during spring break so that we could snowboard together.
    I will miss you Jared. Thank you for teaching me all that you did. I love you man

  • Noah Campana

    I knew Jared pretty well. I wasn’t a best friend but I hope I was a good friend. I have a lot of good memories of him and they almost all include bagels in the lunchroom or knockout in the core shop. The guy had a passion that I have never seen. Much more than just for life but for everything. I look forward to seeing him again in the next life, and I hope he looks after all of us in this one. Rest In Peace, Bro.

  • jake harman

    I’v known Jared for as long as I can remember, our parents were friends long before our conception. one of my favorite memories was to play with the nagel blasters with our fathers(nerf guns). I always loved how Jared always made me feel like one of the gang. I only got to visit a few times a year and when I did, Jared always had plans and I was invited. he was a great role model and I will miss him dearly!

  • Emily Huntington

    I am a reporter for The Buccaneer, the campus newspaper at Peninsula College. I am reading everyone’s comments and I feel for each of you. If anyone would like to contact me, for any reason, I would appreciate it. I can even find a way to send you a copy of the article if you’d like. I know it’s a hard time for all of you, but I’d love to find out more about Jared. Anyone who would like to talk to me, please feel free. Thank you!
    Emily Huntington
    The Buccaneer

  • Emily Huntington

    I didn’t know Jared, but we both went to Peninsula College. I saw his name in the soccer highlights when I covered the sports. I would like to know more and talk to family and friends. If anyone would like to contact me, please feel free: I know this is a difficult time and my heart goes out to all of you.
    -Emily Huntington
    News Editor
    The Buccaneer

  • Mr. Greeley

    I’m the neighbor of Jared. This boy and his family are amazing people. Jared’s zest for life is a direct reflection of his parents and Christ. I love Jared and his death is so hard to process. It is so comforting to know that he is in heaven right now. We love you Jared, you’re love for life, laughing, smiles, easy going attitude and just general Jaredness. See you soon.
    God Bless.

  • Chris Saari

    I posted the original writing of this blog. I was at Mt. Baker for Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun and have just checked the site and read all the comments. It is nice to hear all your stories of Jared. They make me sad, but I’m glad this has become a place for some people to share their feelings. It is amazing how much he spread his vibe around. I can only imagine how you cousins loved him. Thanks to all 9 of the commenters for saying your peace. Jared loved working at the factory and the we loved having him there and it will never be the same without him.
    Random Story: Before Jared worked at Mervin he had never seen the movie “Spinal Tap”. I loaned it to him and told him he had to watch it. No one should go through life not having seen spinal tap I thought to myself. I loaned it to him and he was pretty stoked on it to say the least.
    Keep the stories coming…. appreciate it much everyone

  • Dustin Russell

    I grew up going to school with Jared and have been good friends with him since high school. We really started hanging out senior year when he found out I was deep into surfing. He called me on a Sunday after church and was all excited… “Bro! get all your stuff together were going surfing with these guys from my church! I want to learn!”
    We camped out and surfed our brains out. I’ll never forget that.
    I have taught a lot of people how to shred and Jared really was learning fast he charged hard and always kept up. It was so easy to teach him.
    I remember just this Thanksgiving break we were surfing near agate beach and the rip was pulling to the south really hard and fast, I told Jared we might want to think about getting out of the water and he got of his board and started floating and laughing “I don’t mind dude lets just hang out, I’m in no rush man” I laughed back nervously and went with it. He made sketchy situations comfortable some how ha ha.
    Jared did a really cool thing for me this Christmas… he gave me this lib tech board that rips. So I did the return and gave him a surfboard of mine in return. I know he was stoked on it and was wanting to buy one for a while.
    Jared was always my favorite name to see pop up on the caller I.D..I knew it meant adventure and some good times were very close.
    He always had a big smile and I think he spread that big smile to everyone else everywhere he went.
    It was so shocking to see all the people he touched this last weekend…It was amazing to see almost two thousand people saying goodbye and partying and celebrating his life.
    Truly the best friend I have ever known.
    I know a lot out there can say the same..and thats awesome.
    I’ll never forget the funny and extreme adventure’s and time we spent together growing up.
    Always in my heart and on my mind bro. Take care, I hope your watching out
    If anyone would like to join the paddle out for Jared. I would like to have it this weekend the swell is right and the weather is nice. It would be a really rad thing to do for him. Let me know if you want to join

  • joyce

    I’m Jared’s mom. I have never read a blog – much less responded to one, so I’m embarking on a Jared led adventure in my own way.
    All of your comments and stories help me to heal and go on. I loved the stories from Jared’s service in Port Angeles and definitely need further explanation of just what “bush jumping” involves!
    For those of you who were there I do want to assure you that while what the school chaplain said about God was not wrong, Jared could probably not have sat through his own eulogy there. Please,
    no offense to the chaplain, because he didn’t really know Jared, but the best thing I know about Jared is that he could be committed to Christ completely and NOT BE BORING all at the same time. His faith was alive and real just like he was. He was a totally unorthodox Christian with a completely rock-solid faith. He would want that adventure for you too. The reason Jared could so glibly say “don’t die” is because he knew he never really would. He’s alive right now just waiting for the rest of you to take that step of faith so you can join him at the party.
    We went to visit Lib Tech in Carlton, where Jared worked, and were so blessed by the people there. They have an awesome bench and tree in Jared’s honor at their site. I think if you are in the area they are o.k. if you need to go sit for a while. Is that true Chris?
    For those of us who are alive and remain in the faith I pray you will not be shaken, but will carry Jared’s spark and turn it into a Christ- honoring flame. That would be the best way to honor Jared’s memory. XOXO Joyce

  • Jennifer

    I am student at Peninsula collge and have been only since this past summer. When I moved here and realized we had a soccer team, I was thrilled. My parents and I attended every game (except the one where it was a down pour). Jared was our favorite player because he never gave up. He never stopped running. You could tell how proud he was to put on that jersey and take the field. The memorial service at the college was a beautiful and touching reminder how large Jared lived his life. I wish I could say that I had the privilage of having a long conversation with Jared, but I didn’t. But he did make an impact on me and my parents every weekend on the field. God Bless Jared and his family and friends. And I think Jared said it best “Alive in Christ”
    God Bless,
    The Frazier/Horn Family

  • Chris Saari

    Dear Joyce,
    I am glad this blog space has helped some to share stories and mourn the loss of Jared.
    I was honored that the School Chaplain took some of my blog and read it though he did take some of what I was going to say. I felt that by doing that he took the pressure off of me when it was my turn to speak. I had an excuse if I didn’t give an outstanding eulogy because the Chaplain stole a little of my thunder. Without the pressure I was able to just speak in a natural flow and just try to tell everyone about how great Jared was.
    We are glad that we were able to help and comfort as much as we could on Tuesday. Please know that we will always be here to help in any way. Of course all are welcome to come and see the tree and sit at the bench at Mervin.
    I will try to carry Jared’s spark with me every moment to honor him. Our continued support will carry on in the future. Please continue to share stories of Jared on this blog everyone. It has helped all those who have participated.
    In Joyce I saw the resemblance of Jared the most in facial features. This tugged at my heart strings. We offer our deepest sympathys in your loss of Jared. Stay strong in these very hard times.
    Jared would want us to “seize the day” and live life to the fullest with no regrets.

  • Joyce

    CHRIS Oops–It was my first blog ever, so maybe I didn’t say what I thought I said. I loved every word said by everyone-even to the extent of learning that Jared long-boarded naked (although I am suspicious that that is an urban legend ?!).
    Let me clarify that nothing said was boring, I only meant to say that what the chaplain said about Christianity was not consistent with the life-style Jared led. I didn’t want anyone to think of Jared as hypocritical but only as the unorthodox faithful follower of Jesus Christ that he was.
    Its easy for someone like me who really actually wants to be “good” to become complacent in what I do, and not rely on Jesus. But Jared knew the call of adventure stronger than most and
    it somehow translated into a dependence on God that was ALIVE and well. His relationship with Christ was way more important than being “good”.
    Everything that you said, Chris, was evidence of how much you cared about Jared and I know you feel some of the same “Jared-sized hole” that I have in my heart.
    I love the new pics of the tree and the bench. Oh, and by the way Jared could put on my glasses and do a hysterical impersonation of me.
    Thanks again for all your caring support. I am picturing all of you at Mervin doing the amazing things you do. XOXO Joyce

  • Betsy

    I’m Jared’s aunt. And Joyce, I’ve never blogged either, ….
    This is my favorite Jared site. I love reading about all the facets of Jared. I don’t have a cohesive message to share, just random memories.
    I remember last Thanksgiving Jared encouraging my 7 year old to eat his vegetables by covering them with m & ms. He once told me his favorite movie was Edward Scissor Hands, the message being don’t judge people. When we would visit, Jared would walk into the room and my boys would light up – “Don’t get me Jared” (read: oh please oh please come wrestle). But Jared was oblivious to the boys’ presence – until they were within lunging range. No need to describe what happened next.
    Jared was so proud of the blanket that Paige made him for Christmas. He brought it with him to Prineville for New Year’s; it was so cute, he reminded me of a young child with his blankie. I’ve told this story ad nauseum but this is how I will always think of Jared. There’s a photo of him when he was around 11-12’ish, he’s screaming down the street in rollerblades with billows of smoke trailing him. He had attached smoke bombs to his rollerblades. I have some pictures of him on my wall at work; the rollerblade photo, another where he is a couple feet off the ground with his skateboard parallel to him, one where he is upside down in midair on the trampoline, and a soccer picture where he appears to be flying. Jared was a verb; an action word.
    I hope people continue to post memories, stories, thoughts about Jared.

  • Eric Ganzenmuller

    just came across this exploring the site… RIP man, i wish i could have gotten to know you.
    my sympathies to family and friends