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Mark Carter, Travis Rice and DCP with Bison skull trophies. Photo: Tim Zimmerman
Bluebird Skies, Pillows of Powder and Massive Airs Over Natural Obstacles Mark this Historic Day in Snowboarding
Jackson Hole’s legendary Casper Bowl
Travis Rice BS 3 Drop
Jackson Hole, WY (February 6, 2008) – Quiksilver today announced that Travis Rice is the winner of the first-annual “Quiksilver Natural Selection: All Mountain Invitational.” The final round of competition, staged at Jackson Hole’s legendary Casper Bowl run, was held in sunny bluebird skies and pristine pow. Hundreds of spectators cheered each rider as they dropped from the top of the mountain into a field of soft, untracked snow and launched impossible airs over boulders and trees.
Mark Landvik
Rice was ecstatic after being announced the winner. He earned a check for $18,000 and the unqualified respect of his peers. Travis will be donating a portion of his prize money to the Jackson Hole search and rescue as well as other non-profit organizations in the community.
Sammy Luebke Monster Method, he placed 6th overall!
“Snowboarding is self expression,” said Rice. “For me the true reward was seeing everyone walk away with smiles of optimism. After talking with the riders it seems as though we have only scratched the surface of a new era. It’s nature that provides us with the most limitless canvas to challenge the way we ride.”
Sammy Luebke
The top three winners received a custom painted bison skull, created by local artist Ryan Hayworth. Mark Landvik, who pulled a 720 to win the best trick award, received a snowmobile donated by DC Shoes. The total purse was $75,000 and all athletes were rewarded.
Mark Landvik BS 180
The event, which was actually the brainchild of Jackson Hole local Rice, has been the talk of the snowboard world because of the refreshing new format, the ideal setting and vibe, and the incredible array of talent from every part of the snowboard world who accepted the invitation to ride here.
Bryan Iguchi, yeah riding Gnu Altererd Banana Genetics
“Pipe guys, free riders, and legends all came together because of this event,” said Brian Craighill, Quiksilver Snow Team Manager. “It was incredible to watch and extremely rewarding to be a part of this event.”
Travis Rice
Over the two competition days, more than 20 cameras and a 2,000-foot cable cam captured the event in high definition under the direction of innovative filmmaker Curtis Morgan. Journalists from around the world also gathered here to experience it, and Fuel TV was on hand to record it for later broadcast.
“After Travis dreamed up this contest, I knew it would be a logistical nightmare; I had to figure out how we’d capture the action with the same intensity and artistry that the riders would bring,” said Morgan. “Our approach wasn’t just to cover an event, it was to bring the spectacle alive in a way that has never been seen before, in true cinematic proportion. In the end, we proved it’s possible and produced the first HD broadcast on real terrain with real riders.”
For Total “VIDEO” Coverage go to the Natural Selection Site

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  • Ben Reynolds

    Great contest Travis! Awesome to see you, Lando and Guch ripping the bananas! We’ve had similiar contests as that here in AK before, the Alaskan Locals Snowboarding Championships in Vladez, all natural hits, cliffs and steeps. Definately the most fun!

  • yea! pow pow bacan que hagan un campeonato asi, esto es snowboard de verdad

  • dick

    this is the style of contest that truly combines the soul of riding with natural terrain

  • Jeff Wilkins

    YES! This is what contests should be not just kids hitting the same booter spinning the same trick over and over. Any Vid available?

  • stantech

    Jeff I was thinking the same thing? Pete is there any vid available????

  • hank macrank

    hopefully this is where contests are headed a logistical nightmare, but so sweet. So many things have to go right for this to work.

  • b’ nanners

    check out youtube “natural selection”, there are plenty of vids of all the riders in casper bowl. Lib tech just keeps on rocking it! Can’t wait for the 09’s update the site nowww!

  • Danny Newman

    what size altered gen?

  • Danny Newman

    hey Bryan are you getting away with the 159 altered gen or what!? Nannnnnner tech