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Future Snowboarding SIA Product: Lib Tech Banana

Categories: Happened on a Banana!, Tech

  • drew

    What’s a guy gotta do to get a banana mullet this season?

  • mervin4life

    what about a GNU Banana Goat.?

  • andrew

    what are scorpions?

  • JT

    what are scorpions?
    Little beasties that will bite your arse if you ride any other brand than Mervin!

  • jacko

    what would be the point of a banana mullet? i guess it could be a crazy ride

  • Steve

    I heard the same thing. “More Scorpians” WTF is he talking about?

  • comeonnow

    scorpion-when yur heels hit the back of your noggin camber boy.

  • comeonnow

    GNU Temple ole’ Billy G BTX coming in hot 4 0809!