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Slippery Bananas

Congratulations to Curtis Ciezek and Scotty Wittlake, both have received the Slippery Banana Award for their slippery performance and top ten fastest times in the 2008 Mt Baker Banked Slalom. They will receive an Official Lib Tech Slippery Banana Award plus some Banana Grips to help them hold on to their slippery bananas!
baker_lg_15_lw.jpg Photo: Liam Gallagher -TWS
Scotty Wittlake riding the TRS 159 Banana
baker_lg_18_lw.jpgPhoto: Liam Gallagher -TWS
Curtis Ciezek on next years MC KINK BTX-(short for Lib Tech Banana and Magne-Traction Snowboard Technologies)

23rd Legendary Baker Banked Slalom
By Annie Fast

Categories: Happened on a Banana!, Rippers

  • Victor Heredia

    were can i get a banana carrying case

  • ficuz

    scooty wittlake…I love you…I have your tatoo on my shoulder…you want see it?scotty you are the best of all time!

  • I love my skate banana, I have used it in banked slaloms…awesome!