Take Back The Day

February 9th 2008
Right in the midst of the Mt Baker Banked Slalom, Mt. Baker ski area was forced to close the resort due to WS-DOT road closure on highway SR 542. All the shredders needed something to do, these photos are of the NW Mervin Demo Rep Force; Kyle Phillips,his entourage, and Krush taking back the day in Glacier, WA
Photos By G Trevor Phillips
krushPreGap.jpg Krush tests his speed for gap
bRadDrop.jpg B Rad dropping in
bRadRodeo.jpg B Rad BS Rodeo Gap
dog.jpg CUTE
krushMuteBanana.jpgAfter a bag of salt Krush gets enough speed for a funtastic gap.
kyle.jpg Kyle Phillips and his demo crew were going to turn screws and let people test the new bananas but were forced to make roast beefs and chicken salads.

judges.jpg The judges/cheerleading squad
meltonFinger.jpg Kris Melton finger grab gap
bradDrop1.jpg B Rad Bomb Drop
meltonCouchGap.jpg B Rad and Krush enjoy a beverage as Kris Melton BS 180 shifty above.

Categories: Happened on a Banana!, Rippers


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