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New 0809 Skate Banana Graphics?

I just made this up on photoshop, is it possible to get custom graphics?
-Mike Denise

Categories: Letters

  • rob

    these are libtechs…NOT Burtons..!

  • bpm2000

    but i would ride DAT!

  • Mike Denise

    Damn what a sexy board!

  • That girl is Petra Nemcova, absolutely beautiful.

  • snowlee

    Go ride a burton…Let Quigg do the graphics…Or Shanna..
    I would rather ride Barrett………sorry Temp

  • Marco

    A few days ago I bought skate banana in Laax…..YEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!LIB TECH: SNOWBOARDING RECONSTRUCTION!!!An amazing board…really!!!In any case the 07/08 graphics is sooooo cooooooollllll!!!!

  • stokes

    thats insane mike

  • if i had the money i would buy that in a heart beat

  • pavasil

    I would recommend a 148 size and continuing 07-08 graphics they’re unbeatable!!!!

  • fed’nana

    NNNOOO WWAAYYY. sex doesnt sell , but bananas do.
    keep it in the artistic rendering of a banana style.
    maybe like rotten nanas. or some sorta Lynn creature devouring a banana. or let Nick Russian do a graphic. His art and yall’s tech mad em love my old 03 LTHC148

  • Matt

    Quote”NNNOOO WWAAYYY. sex doesnt sell , but bananas do.”
    noo sex doesnt sell people always get that wrong
    its NAKED GIRLS that sell and again no thats wrong
    burton doesnt do that SIMS does aka the sims fader
    i would love to see that as a girls board!!!
    girls riding hot girls itd be pure genius in my opinion