Extension Ramp Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Extension Ramp Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Extension Ramp Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Skate Banana props!

Message: Thank You Lib Tech! I’ve gone banana’s over your “Skate Banana!” Incredible feel, easy to control, and most important, it’s f**king fun to ride! Been snowboarding for about 8 years and have owned 5 boards throughout the years (Custom, Custom X, BMC, Timeless) and none of these boards compare to Lib Tech’s Skate Banana! The Magne-Traction works awesome! Took this baby up to Stevens Pass where it dumped 20in of fresh pow everywhere. The Banana literally FLOATS in the powder and cuts through hard turns with ease. No more back leg burn while leaning back in the deep stuff, the banana rocker does the work for you. Finally we can start “SURFIN’ ON THE SNOW!” “BECAUSE WE’RE NOT SKIING!” Thanks again Lib Tech. You guys f**king rock!
-Snow Monkey

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  • chad

    Everything you ever heard about the skate Bananna is crazy ass hype.. Problem is the hypes foreal!!! I bought one solely because buying any other board would simply be “replacing” the one i thrashed, no matter what brand or what board..LibTech has seriously blown up the market!

  • I just baught a banana 156, i ride quebec, so it’s often icy, not this season because we hade received almost a record dump of snow, but usually, anyways the board goes well everywhere, it kill’s , i could say. I was just wondering, if for next season, you had taught of 159 with 26.2 of waist, or even a 163, like the pacifier i used to have, and then again with something around 26 of waist. Because with size 12 and up, 25.5 is a bit short, o.k. the board still hold wathever, it kills’ i said before, but i’m sure you would please many riders like me. The flex of the board is crazy, and the rocker makes me noss press all the time,so a 163 in powder, for me i’d buy another one tomorrow. Thanks and keep up the good work , from a frenchie rider from Quebec

  • cheeba

    ^^chad have you checked the skunkape board out..?this is what your looking for!

  • pt crusier

    i was riding my bananay yesterday at meadows… the lifty said i was riding a cheater board! i guess i was cheating by having way too much fun on a fun board. bananas squish landings!

  • Josh (jawbreaker)

    hey guys whats going on? i was just wondering whats does it take to get sponsered by lib tech?
    and can you send any stickers or anything for free???

  • Mikey

    First week on a banana at Bear Mtn. This thing is amazing. I’ve just begun snowboarding and I can tell you it’s night and day compared to learning on standard board. Everyone was asking how much I liked it and liftys were stopping me to ask questions and get a closer look. It’s amazing, just plowing through the slush, ice on the edges, and handles incredible!

  • james maiden

    I want to try the Dark Series, but I want to know is the Banana as good on the ice??? One the east coast that is all I get.

  • Victor

    Lib Tech Just Rocks Balls They Make Tha Best Boards Ever

  • ileen dover


  • Ryan

    I WANT A SKATE BANANA SO BAD!! i have been looking at them for about 2 years now and my need for one grows every day. i went to keystone, co. a few weeks ago and one fo the shops i went to had 2 of them but they were both gone within 2 days and i didnt have enough $. anyone want to donate to the ryan wants a banana fund?

  • Ryno

    I’ve been a skier but started boarding early 08. I’ve only been out 6 times and always on rentals. Just ordered a Skate Banana and can’t wait to try it and post how it rides for a newbie like me!