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King lib


Categories: Letters

  • jesulex

    muyyyyyyyyyy wapaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! i love banana

  • dave

    please make a million of them..
    banana RULEZ

  • George

    Can you please make this print? Please? Banana tech is amazing! Any other “rocker” tech is wack!
    Yea lib!

  • I Love Lib

    Make this the shop graphic? =)

  • Philly banana addict

    Please please please make this the graphic for the 08/09 bananas because what I rode at the stratton on snow was kinda beat and this one is hilarious!

  • bum banana

    please, do something to make it real.
    i need it under my feet or i can die.
    the other B in the market will get crazy with tons of gorillaz around the world pushing the the B of BANANA
    yeeeee “i love lib too”

  • grant

    lib rocks!! i want that

  • nicholas

    That is crazy good. You should make that in to a board so i can ride it and eat mhy pop tarts.

  • kory

    this is exactly what we expect from a board: lot of innovation and awsome graphic. make this print, it’s sooooo maaaaddddd, its going to be the most wanted next season!!!
    Bye Bye Burton / Bang Bang Banana

  • mr.slidesin

    Thas Bananas Son!
    Please make this print for 08/09 as the Original Banana Tech for the world to see that Lib Tech is the shiet :)` Gorrila funk bbbbbbananas

  • William Schmoker

    This will sell faster than they can be made.

  • babou (french sorry if i say bad^^)

    very cool i adore this board, really! someone know if it will be exported in france??

  • Evan Fisher

    love this board. make it and i will ride it and fuck my girlfriend on it too. yeahhhhhh sonnn ugghhhh