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Bananas going for Dracula!!!

DSC_0007.jpgMartin and Jakob
Photo: Florent DUCASSE
Second week of January the TRS Banana crew – Jakob Wilhelmson & myself – Martin Cernik decided visit Dracula’s land. I’m involved in the Heliboarding project over there, setting up together with new heli operator in Fagaras Mountains, the nicest part of Carpatians. Mtns…We ad into crew another Bannana junkie Matus Hubka – Slovakian ripper and French toast Emeric Front, our buddy from Quiksilver team.
P1000705.jpg Cernik and Matus Hubka
Our trip started great, due bad weather landing in totally different city and spending 6 hours in the van to reach our final destination – Fagaras. Fagaras is located near bigger and very nice city called Sibiu, which is full of nice buildings, bars, drinks and ladies.
However our target was the beautiful white peaks and discovering some new lines. We stayed at the fish farm just bellow the mountains, in very nice and new hotel. The heli was parked just next to it, so the set up was perfect. There we’ve met with Austrian Alpine legend and great Big Mountain rider Martin Freinandemetz. Our crew was ready to rock the spot…Flying for 4 days, hitting unexplored terrains.
DSC_0136.jpg Matus
Photo: Florent DUCASSE
Every run was pretty much first descent, since there was never heliboarding before and believe it or not, The terrain is incredible. You can find mellow tourist runs, places to build jumps, cliffs and gnarly steeps. It is a good mix of NZ and AK in the middle of Europe and believe it or not, Nothing is better than using your banana in the backcountry to do first descent!!!
DSC_0056.jpg Jakob
Photo: Florent DUCASSE
DSC_0078.jpg Cernik
Photo: Florent DUCASSE
DSC_0159.jpg Cernik
Photo: Florent DUCASSE
DSC_0200.jpg Matus
Photo: Florent DUCASSE
DSC_0204.jpg Jakob
Photo: Florent DUCASSE
After on the down day, we went for cultural studies. We visited Dracula’s castle, checked his bedroom…pretty sketchy, He must have been pretty small dude, coz the ceilings are very low. Otherwise the castle is super nice and it is for sale at the moment. We also went to check quality of local alcohol and the rest of eastern Europe it rock’s – no ID bullshit, no security and drinking supervisors, everyone is just cruising and watching local hot chicks showing down some awesome dancing skills.
This trip was totally awesome – just everything went smooth and nice. I recommend this place to every rider with Passport, because it gives you memories never to be forgotten.

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