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Check Out: Andy Bergin-Sperry

Photo: Ed Herbold

North West Regional Ripper Andy Bergin-Sperry seen banana blasting at this years Holy Oly Revival.
Name- Andy Bergin-Sperry
Age- 18
Hometown- Lakewood Washington
College- Central Washington University
Home mountain- Crystal/ Summit at Snoqualmie
Goofy or Reg- Goofy
Favorite trick- BS 180s
How was the Holy Oly this year?
Every year I have done Holy Oly it has been rad! Even though we didn’t get to take pow turns into the QP like last year I definitely enjoyed the sun this year. This year was sick though with huge QP, Smiles, and everyone throwing down! And thanks to my parents and friends for coming out and checking out Holy Oly!

Photo: Ed Herbold

What are u learning about in college?

I am learning all that school whatnot… But more importantly I’m learning about this whole LIFE thing. The Dorms are an amazing experience, I love them but I can’t wait to get a house or apartment next year. In the dorms you get hucked into the same building with every personality of person you can imagine and are forced to learn to live with them. I have learned how to keep the RA’s away when taking care of your buddy who is puking there brains out in the bathroom haha. This year has been all about balance, It’s hard to do the whole snowboarding thing and college at the same time but I’m figuring it out. There also is not any magic money machine aka parents to hook it up with that extra cash for little things. This year has been a roller coaster and college is sick!
What do u do in Ellensberg for fun?
Well its Ellensberg there is not a ton to do for fun but were making it rock. Lots of Nentendo 64 Mario cart and trying to stay out of trouble. We also got a pretty dope jib set up like 5 minutes from campus.
Any rad trips for the rest of this season?
I am road trippin to Northstar this month with a group of guys from central to Redbull’s Snowarz for a college competition, I come back for like a week at school then hop on a plane down to Mammoth for the Peanut Butter Rail Jam finals. Whistler and Hood this summer. Get stoked!!
What Lib Board do you ride?
I am on a 156 Skate Banana for everything and a 154 TRS Banana for park.

Has banana technology elevated your snowboarding level?

Hell yeah! Banana technology is unreal! You just have so much control on a mag banana i love it. In the pow it floats like nothing elce and in the park you can just dull the crap out of your edges and still have a better edge then a normal sidecut. If you haven’t got to try one you better hustle up and get on one. And its got a cool name!

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