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Bananas Win The US Open!

Torah Bright wins US Open Superpipe in icy conditions on her Roxy Eminence Snowboard with Banana Magne-Traction licensed from Lib Technologies. Torah rides Bananas and she is not going back!
Banana business time. Riding Bananas is not just for good times anymore…
Pipe: Danny Kass won the Abominable halfpipe contest on a Gnu DK Banana Traction 153.
Park: Jakob Wilhelmson won the slopestyle/park TTR event in China on a stock Lib Skate Banana 156.
Banked Slalom: Mt Baker Local Maria DeBari won the recent Neil Edgeworth Banked Slalom race on a stock Lib Skate Banana 156.
Pipe: Torah wins the US Open in a technical icy superpipe on a Roxy Eminence Banana.
Yesterday: I buttered a sick switch pow 5 cliff to spine transfer on a stock 156 skate Banana.

Categories: Happened on a Banana!

  • David

    So man! Built some more for austria, because next year I`ll get all of those bananas!!
    best wishes Dave!
    ps: continue building the best boards in the world!

  • fed’nana

    bananas win eternally.
    folks demoed em last spring and didnt enjoy em , prolly cuz nana’s are organic and they grow on you.
    they won my heart tho, and i was hypin em yesterday at steven’s. at one point i was mobin around with some other nana enthusiasts

  • Joe

    Ya know that banana of yours has revolutionized snowboarding don’t ya. One pre-season run and I was sold, ordered the 156 that night. I was in Utah in Feb, I rode my Burton 59 the first day and it was like riding a door. Terrible. Got me banana out of the car and was amazed how well the 56 rode in a few feet of fresh. Words can’t do that board justice….park and pow, in a class of its own. Already teeing up a TRS BTX for 2009 as well. Keep up the good work and thanks for reinventing the sport, we needed that.
    Forever mackin’ Mervin….

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