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B.C. Bananas

Hey Boys-
Good on ya once again! The banana has proven itself in the big mtns…its all I want to ride! Self surfacing nose, lightning quick edge response, and general soaring marks on fun factor. Holds great edge at speed and helps to keep from going over the bars on landings. And blown away how good it is on hardpack, wow, who would of thought? Would REALLY like to see a longer board with nana, actually think all your boards should be transformed (as maybe you do as well). For me personally, a TRS 67 with banana and magne will be the ultimate of boards, it will dominate the big mtns hands down.
Thanks for making snowboarding even more fun and keeping me stoked over the years!!
Chris Ankeny
nana in the big mtns.
tandoming to the goods
toying with the aerial pov
another 3000ft tandom decent
sledding yesterday..
4 stroke equipped banana

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  • wutang

    you say you would like to see a longer magnanana board.. that is why the GNU Billygoat BTX is coming out in 09 and dont forget about the LIB Mullet.! two of the best pow,backcountry kill everything boards out their!