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Magne-testing…one,, two…

My friend Andy Tullis was brave enough to get within a couple hundred yards of me to take this sequence of a high-speed backside slash over a perfectly groomed little roller at Bachelor. After further review of the final frame, I’ve come to the realization that I am actually a primal indigenous northwestern large-head skunk ape… that was previously misplaced. My facial posture implies that I am sub-consciously wanting to take a banana to the throat. I am thus planning to ride a skunk ape 162 BTX next year, on which I hear you can carve out an even more slippery backside fan…. Thanks Mervin.
Jibbin’ Jay

Categories: Letters

  • Anyshred

    Banana to the throat????

  • wutang

    great shot fosho! aint that fronside? mervin 4 life

  • Jibbin’ Jay

    Skunk Ape take many bananna to throat…get yo’ mind out the gutta’!!
    This is a backside powerslide with my chest near the ground…. I emerge from the dust toward my heelside, so it kinda’ looks like a frontside…

  • nw sasquatch

    Sick shot TOOLS!!!!!!!!!!

  • da anilator

    wow this is a sick shot

  • mike

    the missing link!