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– FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

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Lib Tech Skate Banana Goes Big at Last Call

“Waterville Valley’s own Luke Mathison stepped up some of the highest, backside methods of the day.” EASTERN BOARDER’S 8TH ANNUAL LAST CALL AT LOON MT.

Categories: Happened on a Banana!

  • BananaEater

    So did you guys decide to make the Trice with BTX also ? When I saw the 08/09 preview last it only was MTX. fill me in …

  • wutang

    yes it is btx.08/09. banana/magna .. scan down on this blog to the bc banana thread and read and see slashing shots of the trice btx in action!
    this is old news already .lol

  • Knut

    Sweet boards!
    Gonna need to make em bigger!!!
    6’4 250 lbs riders need, bigger boards. Come on, help me out here:-)
    Keep up the good work!

  • mike

    make a 154 skate banana!!!!! i guarantee it will be a best seller. just do it. seriously just do it. not even joking.

  • I picked up a 156 Skate Banana last season and love it! Not sure I’m ready to go that big though.