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Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Grenade Games 4 – June Mountain

Ramblings by Krush
It’s April 18…winter won’t quit in the Northwest…Seattle is preparing for snowfall…I’m tired of plowing my driveway…fourth annual Grenade Games going on at June…fuckit’…let’s get some sunshine.
Photos by, Andrew Miller, George Crosland at SNOWREV.COM. and the BFG.
So we got the sunshine…but also cold temps and a shit-ton of wind. It wasn’t windy at Whiskey Creek though, where Mervin webmonkey Trevor Phillips, Geoff from the Summit at Snoqualmie and the rest of the Grenerds and I threw back an entire army of white Russians. I then proceeded to not remember any part of the rest of the evening.
We made it to the lifts sometime after 2pm on Saturday and bumped into fellow late arriving NW shred Corey Noble in the parking lot and made it to base camp where we proceeded to eat undercooked e-coli burgers and nurse lingering hangovers. The highlight of the day was the Chinese Eyed Downhill. I’d say around 70 half-ripped nutbags starting from the top of the summit chair and pointed it straight down Deer Bowl. They came crashing through a late addition safety fence with some skier in the lead and mere feet away from collecting the $500 purse when Thor flies up on a Skunkape, boardslides over the dude, shotguns a can of Monster Energy Swill and takes the cash…fucking brilliant.
300-gg_18.jpg Chinese Eyed Downhill, Photo Liam Gallagher TWS
A little advice to any future Grenade Games attendees…when you get your rental car, make sure the damn thing has license plates…ours was brand new and didn’t have the plates yet…I asked the dude at Enterprise and he was all “no-problem…it’s totally legal”. Legal yes…but it’s also screaming to be pulled over when you run the uber-nazi-cop-gauntlet called highway 395 and June Lakes road. Two days, twice pulled over by a total of seven cars…no tickets. Final box score Washington shreds 2, Johnny Law 0.
300-gg13_lw.jpg Photo by Andy Wright TWS
Later than night at Whiskey Creek some douche-bag jacked by hoodie and I ended up freezing my ass off walking back to our hotel…thanks dick.
Sunday was pipe day…both kinds. Props to Nate Farrell and Pat Bridges who hiked the u-ditch all day long. Nate with a bunch of head and a half high airs and spins while rocking a sweet poncho and the “eYe” for putting on another handplant seminar on the metal eyeballs that lined the pipe…how appropriate. Luke Mitrani went huge and won the Boosted Air, Chas Guldemond was killing it and Danny hit it a few times for good measure. Shawn Farmer and Terry Kidwell’s band THC played a bitchin’ set that apparently only Bridges and I were stoked on…fuck all you guys…know your metal and know your roots…the Fizz has an open invite to play any event I ever throw…”Going Postal” fucking rips. The day finished off with the mogul course…it was actually just a bunch of ice and chunder with a Zumiez couch in the middle. This thing was borderline impossible if you had bindings on…but no-boading while drunk dudes huck snowballs at your face and crotch…no chance. One dude t-boned the Zumiez couch so hard I thought he was dead. Shit was funny as hell.
_DOY0038w.jpg Nate Farrell mid spin over the EYE ball.
We pussed out on the closing party and ended up eating pizza, drinking rum and watching the Rock of Love II Reunion show on VH1 before waking before dawn to catch an early flight out of Reno…back at the Summit we have 15 feet of base, it’s still snowing and the cops are all at Starbucks…and my driveway needs plowing.
Thanks to Danny, Shiff, Cassillo and all those for putting on a great event…Seacrest out.

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  • Sargent Claremont

    To Whom It May Concern-
    Having been with the California Highway Patrol for near 26 years, I have never seen such misconduct as I did this last weekend. My son, who happens to snowboard (God help him), showed me this website and this particular post. I don’t know what a Lib Tech is but I do not approve of debauchery on pavement that I serve to protect.
    I’ve patrolled HWY 395 near June Lakes Rd. for many years. This past weekend alone I had to deal with several minors in possesion, DWI’s, indecent exposure, and for some reason a particular act with a chicken and a plastic grenade that I won’t even bother to describe.
    While I understand that everyone has a right to express themselves, I hope that you “snowboarders” understand that there are laws in place for a reason and just because you think it’s “cool” to get high and be rebellious towards the law, does not mean it is.
    If this Krush is any indication of who our young people are or where they are headed as citizens, I fear for our country’s future.
    -Sargent Eugene Claremont
    California Highway Patrol

  • TrailBlazer


  • grapfruitDiesel

    im glad up in WA we have cops thatll pull you over, see the red eye, smell the herb and send you on your way telling you too keep it at your house next time…
    and i fear for the future of our country is some cops son decides to show the june lake swine a peice of cultural information, the kid knew it would set his dad off…

  • Pooty Tang

    Thanks for the sermon, mr officer. Nobody cares what you think and we arent about to let some close minded ahole ruin the party called life. You should get one (a life) instead of judging folks who aret exactly like you. Suck it!