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Blurb Alert Contest


Categories: Happened on a Banana!

  • Kai salam

    is that a banana in your garments or are you just happy about the new deck?

  • stantech

    Slippery Dickery Cock – Danny Kass has a boned out jock – He won’t fall down – with the smallest banana in town – Slippery Dickery Cock

  • Miguel Mas

    The new DK w/banana tech is extra stiff.

  • terry Parker

    Give me a couple hours to drink some beer, then i will give you the winning comment.

  • Kai Salam

    “dude this totaly covers my boys”

  • merk somalia

    My pee-pee go poo-poo, ah-ahhhhh!

  • Terry Parker

    Danny Kass shot in mid air by monkey hunting bananas.

  • Matt Royer

    Don’t forget to wrap your Banana before Jamming Chickens!!!

  • Mike

    Skunkapes were running wild in the backcountry, while Chickanas were seen getting some in the pipe.