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DK'S Under The Gun


Categories: Artists, Jamie M Lynn

  • nw sasquatch

    Radical Cat!

  • Moose Herder

    rawr, petting the pussy. What does it take to get a custom ink job from Mr. Lynn?

  • evernod

    i was wondering the exact same thing. i saw him at the MBSS last time i was in Glacier, but i didn’t want to be the creepy guy coming from nowhere asking for a tattoo.

  • heelside warrior

    cats are dangerous when you are having sexy time, they swat at things that swing

  • J.D.

    How can somebody like myself get a Jamie Lynn original tat? I’ve almost had somebody else do it, but I want to track him down. I’d even fly to Seattle.

  • Zach

    I’ve never had a tat i’m 28 from the philly area. Snowboarding is my passion not that i’m the best ripper.But I would love my first tat to be done by Jamie. It would be a tribute to my mother who passed away back in 1995.Is there anyway to get in touch with Mr.Lynn.In saying that your art work is beautiful keep it up bro!!!


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