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My spring surf and fish trip to Panama.

roosterfish.jpg Rooster Fish
Just wanted to share a few shots from my spring surf and fish trip to Panama. We just rented a car and cruzed all over the place looking for good waves and fun places to fish. We found some fun waves, but there doesn’t seem to be any real super perfect point breaks down there. Every wave has it’s days though. Best surf we found was on the Pacific side. Checked all the usual spots and even found some secrets.
Panama is super beautiful. Much of it is still frontier. It can be a bit sketch for a couple gringos, but that’s half the fun. We were able to camp out much of the time. Beers were around a dollar and food was cheap too. There’s lots of fish in the country and i tried to catch as many as i could. Got some Tuna, Skip Jack, Big Eye Jack, Roosters, Dorado, Markrel, Corvina, Peacock bass, snook and other i don’t know what they were. Had fish for dinner as many nights as possible.
-Mikey Wier
tuna.jpg Tuna

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