Skate Banana # 1 - Best Of Test-Snowboarder Mag - Lib Tech

For Holiday Delivery 12/24, Order by 12/18 Noon PST – Skunk Ape Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 *Excluding Surfboards

For Holiday Delivery 12/24, Order by 12/18 Noon PST – Skunk Ape Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 *Excluding Surfboards

For Holiday Delivery 12/24, Order by 12/18 Noon CET – Skunk Ape Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Skate Banana # 1 – Best Of Test-Snowboarder Mag

As seen in Snowboarder Mag September 2008 Issue

As seen in Snowboarder Mag September 2008 Issue

As seen in Snowboarder Mag September 2008 Issue

As seen in Snowboarder Mag September 2008 Issue

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  • jLO

    When you got it, flaunt it. Y’all definitely got it. Now I just need to get it.

  • L

    I was just at hood and shredded my skate banana all week. First chance I’ve had to really ride it in slushy park. That thing is perfect. I let some buddies give it a test drive a couple times during the week and when I would get on other boards they felt so whack. Don’t think I’ll ever go back. Thanks for making such rad boards. Keep it up.

  • Terry Parker

    The first day out riding a skatebanana i broke my collar bone. It was the day after las vegas trade show in 07. Your probley thinking so what, right. Well it made me the first to brake a bone ridding banana tech. Now i only ride Cygnus’s with banana tech. It’s much better and sitting in the bar you can be much more awesomener.

  • Lynyrd

    dude i want my banana so bad its killing me

  • whosgotthatyeyo

    Whos got that lib tech cant find my banana anywhere, want to order i need to jib

  • Ben Frame

    Just got an ’09 159″ Skate Banana Super pumped for An aspen trip in November to pop it’s pow cherry!

  • John

    will the skate banana work as a free ride board for like glades and moguls and stuff.

  • Josiah

    I just got my skate banana a little while ago, now all I need is some snow to rip up!

  • harry

    i have got a skate banana and i just want to rip it

  • Mike

    just bought a bannana and got three feet of backcountry pow in colorado this weekend. all i can say “the bannana is the shit”

  • PoWcandy10

    Just bought an 09 banana super pumped to shred pow… MEADOWS

  • tony BagOdonuts

    Mine will be here wednesday and I can’t wait!!!
    Blue/Black Skate Banana 156.
    Mad steezy~

  • tyler

    just got my skate-banana, in red and black 09….kinda wanted the blue, but whatev.



  • julien

    just got my skate banana yesterday cant wait to rip it thanksgiving break

  • Curtis

    Rode my skate banana for the first time a couple of days ago…this thing is awesome. I’m 5’11” and got a 151 and it rides like my 155. It really is the most fun I’ve had on a snowboard.


    It’s better than my Burton Vapor Board. Nothing come close to comparison of the skate banana. #1 board by farrrrrrrr..

  • bxdbdx

    I want my banana to rip shit up!

  • Greg

    How do u choose your color because the web site dosn’t say wats wat or do they all the sizes come in all the colors.

  • brett

    bought a jamie lynn phonex with bananananananan tech 154, omeeeeeee-gosh its fucking sick. was riding burton un-in but now i am like an ape going mad over banananas. its floats in pow and my god can you butter-da-muffin. breakfast any-1.
    this board has magna traction and holds very well is easy to hit 3,s . i cleared the table top . whooooops.
    love it . love it . butter it and pop like mad

  • JO$H

    Im 5’8″ 120lbs… is a 152 banana too small or could i get a couple years outta it

  • v k

    i have rode my TRICE 157 Banana 10 days now, and it is easily the best board i have ever used in 15 years snowboarding. the future is bananas and i am onboard! magne just makes it carve like nothing else and jib very easily.
    i have demoed the burton hero rocker board and the rocker is not the same. buttery but cannot compare the the feel and carving power of a banana/magne
    ok libtech you have mastered board tech. we need new binding tech plz from bent metal

  • Pat

    Just picked one up today, can’t wait to ride it

  • The Banana is the shit… through everything. Like early december it dumped like cold crispy pow and then it got super worm like week ago and the board kills in the pow, slush, and ice.

  • Superfly

    Just back from Jay Peak VT this weekend. Windy, thin cover, ice down the middle on most trails. When my riding buddy complained about ice on one trail, and I looked at him confused, he added:
    “You don’t even feel it do you?”
    This thing is the real deal.
    Even better in pow (tons in the woods).

  • bruno

    I like my strawberry sk8 banana soooo much. It has made my jibbing soooo much better. Thank you for inventing the sk8 banana. because of it i have decided to go pro

  • Shawn Steez

    These kids are gapers weekend warriors from texas. Altho the skate bannana is an awesome board buy a different gnu or lib model I am a Colorado native and all I see is gapers riding these boards stand out and be different with a mc kink or something.

  • Josh

    BA-NA-NA. Gettin mine tommorow… i’ve been riding my friends trs mtx 156 and its great, only complaint is its long for me cause im 5’8 120 lbs. I ordered the banana in 152 and can’t wait to get it!! If ya dont know… now ya know. Banana is boss. Thanks Lib Tech

  • Scott Theo

    I’ve looked around for a banana, but everywhere I go they’ve sold out. I need to see what the difference is for myself!

  • Rtwo

    Skate Banana is for real, this board is simply amazing! My first time out on it was in slushy mix and it handled great, proved worthy on flex and strong enough not to fold off some good sized kickers! second day on it was drastic weather change and the whole mountain was ICE yo, butt bruising, unforgiving ice. Although conditions were not ideal this board carved it up like a dream! my buddy’s actually joked about riding behind me so my libby banana could turn the ice into slush for them haha!
    Been out on my board about 11 times now and it keeps getting better and better with every ride!
    As for u bruno, don’t hate on it just get one for yourself, u won’t regret it.

  • vasilis

    I can believe how this pure freestyle banana skate board can turn ice into powder Just curious about pow ride Any feedback

  • Grant

    Gettin my skate banana this week. Demoed a trs btx and it was sick. luckily a shop still had a 159 skate banana left. Sometimes bein 6′ 4″ has its advantages over all these short people.

  • ali


  • Just got my banana in the mail today purple and black 152 can’t wait to shred hood with it

  • garrett

    hey how much is the banana rocker.?

  • ty

    I rode my buddy’s banana in January and I had just bought a Ride Concept UL in december. Well yesterday i bought a banana! 156 purple

  • shifter

    Bought a 156 banana yesterday 2-27-09. Mounted my P1s last night and rode it today. Very nice stick. Not loose, but very easy to work

  • tdub

    rode my skate banana for the first time this past weekend, i don’t think ill ever go back to a traditional board again…it rides so smooth and cuts through ice like butter…if you ain’t got one you missin out!

  • nic

    hello today a just ordered my 2010 skate banana from my local dealer..159 wide…

  • Dude! I just got my skate banana and haven’t even had a chance to hit the slopes, I hope I made the right decision… I got a 152cm and I’m 5’11 155 lbs size 11 boot. I know its really small, but that was the recommendation of everyone on the internet and since I already ride a custom x 160 I figured its time to try a shorter board with more pop. Any thoughts?

  • KB

    tdub! they are making wide skate bananas for next year??? I can only hope!!!! dang size 15s…..

  • i demoed one of the first skate banana’s the other day i loved it i would sell a kidney to own one im 5foot 3in and the one i demoed was a 152cm and i loved it so if any one knows were i can get a skate banana please send me an email and title it skate banana my email is

  • Jamie Webb

    Hey. Wondering if I should buy a SK8 Banana? I do 60% park 10% woods/glades, and 30% all mountain.

  • Derek

    I am losing sleep thinking about riding my banana

  • fernando

    im from argentina. i love the banana skate, is the best board that i never see. i d like the banana 08 09 but in argentina we dont had libtech deelers. can you do somethin?

  • Eric Benzo

    I rode a banana two weeks ago and will never go back to regular camber….lived up to the hype, and then some….I’m buying one and recommending it to all my boys….LIB TECH IS THE SH**

  • jshin

    i’m 5’9 175lbs. Should I buy the 152 or the 156?!?

  • maryannfaithful

    you can go bigger with the banana. With the reverse camber the big stick rides like a smaller board. I’m 5.5″ 135lbs and rock the 154. Next purchase will be a 156 mullet

  • Allen

    Im saving to get one of these great boards. After riding my friends down a run, i immediately wanted one, they’re so much fun and you have no idea. Im 6’3″, 150 lbs and i feel real comfortable with a 156cm. Funnest board ever hands down.