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FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Award Winning Skate Banana's Selling Out in Stores!

onePer.jpg Seen at Salty Peaks.

Categories: Happened on a Banana!

  • Glad I already got mine from
    I’ve already shredded Hood on it. Radical.

  • Bsizzle

    Radical for sure. I went for the gnu street btx. Hot!

  • caleb

    got the new t-rice with btx…soooo sick

  • Chris

    Glad I Snagged my Banana a few weeks ago. Now I just can’t to get out ride!

  • todd

    Soooo… last year I was going for a new board and jerk-face cool shop dude was like “unless you ride a lot of park you’re not going to have any fun on the Skate Banana. You’ll be much happier on a TRS.”
    So i’m like “ok, got one with BTX?”. Dude: “No, the country is all sold out of them with Banana.”
    So long story short – I bought the previous year’s TRS new, with Magne for the same price as the Skate Banana would have been and looking back I should have just got the Skate Banana.
    So I just want to say to the cool dude shop employee, “Damn you shop employee dude, damn you.”
    And damn me for listening to him.

  • 4 doller John

    Hey, Do you have any more skate comps coming up? I never would have known about it if it wasn’t for Trifecta.

  • i buy my banana last year in tahoe lake
    it really ossom.
    fantastic deck/
    LIB TECH companY you are the best.
    FROM RUSSIA with love/
    now wating ma new mullet.

  • todd

    What is a “Trifecta” John?

  • D

    So i bought a Rice rocket a few years ago and it has totally replaced my all mountain board. The golden fleece rocks. and to this day the air core still has the same fresh pop. Thanks LIB for such a sweet Board.