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2009 Good Wood: Lib Tech Skate Banana

goodwood_ice_hamilton14.jpg Photo: Nick Hamilton

Categories: Awards

  • Gregmo

    Don’t get this board, it will make you a better snowboarder and I’m enjoying the edge I have over everyone else who doesn’t have one…yet! Don’t kid yourself, camber is for skis, not our shred sticks. Rocker is the future. The Banana is an all day, all conditions board: it accelerates through chop, rips in pow, turns on a dime, plenty of pop, 360’s a breeze, and the MTX stops quicker and holds on ice…what else do you need????

  • G.I

    I really want a Skate Banana but I usually ride a 154 boards and this one only comes in 152 and 156… So I’m thinking of getting the TRS instead. As I mainly ride park is the TRS as good as the SB? I also heard from somewhere you should ride the banana boards a few centimeters shorter than you usually board, is that true?