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Downtown Throwdown, Seattle WA, October 25

Snowboy Productions and Boarderline Snowboard Shop are proud to once again bring you the Downtown Throwdown – Invitational Snowboard Rail Session at Qwest Field on Saturday night, October 25th at 7PM in beautiful Seattle Washington!
This third annual event is focused on the ‘new guard’ and future of urban snowboarding and features the talents of 20 riders including Scott Stevens, Austin Smith, Zac Marben, Nick Dirks, Jonas Micholot and last year’s winner Jed Anderson alongside local Washington shreds Austin Hironaka, Ivan Marcinko and Austen Sweetin. $8000 in cash will be awarded by the legit judging staff of Jon Kooley, Sean Genovese and Mikey LeBlanc while the emcee talents of Think Thank’s Jesse Burtner keeps the crowd entertained and informed.
This event is TOTALLY FREE so grab a few friends and head down to witness one of the premier urban rail events in the nation done in the unmatched style of Snowboy Productions…join the revolution.
Thanks to amazing support by Boarderline Snowboard Shop, Red Bull, Ride Washington, Lib Technologies, Nitro Snowboards, Snowboarder Magazine, Skullcandy, Think Thank and the Seattle Ski Fever and Snowboard Show for making this grassroots event possible.
All the rad…

Snowboy Productions is proud to announce the Downtown Throwdown riders list!
20 of snowboarding’s new guard throwing down this Saturday night at 7pm at Qwest Field…
Scott Stevens, Pat Milbery, Jonas Micholot, Ben Bogart, Sawyer Dean, Austin Hironaka, Nick Dirks, Chris Beresford, Jed Hoffman, Jordan Micholot, Ivan Marcinko, Austen Sweetin, Nick Visconti, Jed Anderson, Jake Olsen-Elm, Andy Bergin-Sperry, Ben Bilocq, Zac Marben, Sam Hulburt and Jarad Hadi.
Guest Judges Jon Kooley, Sean Genovese and Darrell Mathes…emcee Jesse Burtner…best trick judges Austin Smith and Johnny Miller…$8000 in cash…product toss…free event…holy sh*t this is going to be RAD!
Thanks to Boarderline Snowboard Shop, Red Bull, Ride Washington, Lib Tech, Nitro, Skullcandy, Snowboarder Magazine, Think Thank and the Seattle Ski Fever and Snowboard Show for making this event possible.

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  • dennis maher

    What about Utah for thats it thats all we love libtech love snowboarding and think Bush SUCKS!

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