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BC Ripper Justin Baun

Check out tasty photos of our Lib Tech BC Banana Ripper Justin Baun
Hometown: Golden BC CANADA
Nicknames: Bondo, Bon Bon, Boom Boom
Sponsors: Lib Tech, The North Face, Scott, Dakine, Kicking Horse Resort, Motor Tech (Ski Doo)
Photos by Jeff Curley

Categories: Rippers

  • Justin Baun

    There’s fresh snow on the mountains, Hit em up

  • George

    this guy is sick nice pics!!

  • Nicole

    nice shots!! Lookin forward to a fresh season…

  • naim bossi

    skunk apes have the biggest bananas.

  • Mainer

    You’re my boy Blue!!!!!

  • adam balon

    sick justin…. been slaying it for years

  • Oatway

    Fuckin Sick Baun, B.C. Banana Ripper in da house

  • Janine Kosmenko

    You can take the boy out of golden but you’ll never take the golden out of the boy… Your rock JB!!!

  • Moose Herder

    Boo yah!! Hope for change. Change to more snow!