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Gimme Baby Robots | Dec 18

Gimme Baby Robots! is finally coming to Seattle! Gimme Baby Robots! is a one-night event featuring a silent auction of small original artwork by hundreds of artists nationwide. Minimum bids start as low as $1, and the person with the highest bid at the end of the night gets to take home their piece! I’m excited to announce that many of our own talented Seattle artists are participating in the show too, to name a few are: Kellie Talbot, Stefan Hoffman, Ryan Davis, Lindsay Davis, Sean Genovese, Todd Lown, Mike Yoshida and I’m going to put a couple in too!
Gimme Baby Robots started in Madison, WI 3 years ago, and due to its success has since grown to include shows in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Memphis and Milwaukee. This is a great opportunity to purchase an amazing piece of original artwork from well-known artists at a low price. I went to the Portland show this summer and walked away with an original John Hitchcock print for $9, and an amazing oil painting for $20. It was super fun bidding and drinking it up and bidding some more!
Free Admission. Bidding starts at 8pm and ends at 11pm.
Special thanks to EVO for hosting Seattle’s first ever Gimme Baby Robots!
Curated by: David Teng Olsen Assistant Professor at Wellesley College, and Mike Rea
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