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Green Snowboard Manufacturing Article

SPIN NEWS MAGAZINE, Snowboard manufacturing taking a green turn
-“Mervin Manufacturing, the company that heads up Lib Technologies and Gnu is taking things a step further. The company has its own environmental division focused on lessening their carbon footprint through everything from manufacturing to packaging and transportation.
Pete Saari, one of the founders of Mervin, says they’re constantly looking at ways to go green. “Every board from our lowest price to the most expensive is built with maximum eco-motional energy, a focus on environmental sustainability, healthy work environment and the lowest impact, least toxic materials available,” he says listing off the different technologies incorporated into their snowboard manufacturing.
Mervin’s snowboards could actually be the closest thing to green. A bio-plastic top, called BEANS, is made entirely from castor beans. Cores are developed from fast growing renewable farmed wood such as bamboo, all graphics are created from their water-based ECO Sub sublimation system, and additive-free basalt fibre is used on many of their high-end boards. The shop itself, located in Carlsborg, Wash. is also a great model: it runs on biodiesel, has certified green power, uses only low volatile organic compound epoxy resins, citrus-based solvents and recycles as much scrap materials as possible.”

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  • wU

    i got one banana skate today.. and i can say 35% cause it’s green made,.. influenced me to buy it.. one good rate. maybe cause i’m studyin’ ENGINEERING AND PROTECTION OF ENVIRONMENT.. anyway BIG UP for LIB TECH! (can’t wait to test it!)