Winterbreak in Stannyland

IMG_3092 Pounded by pow the whole winter break, Lib Tech Action Sports Kraftsman Tim Stanford AKA StanTech lived it up at his 20 acre tree farm on the Olympic Peninsula otherwise known as “Stannyland”. The name Stannyland came into play in 1997 after stumbling onto “Poolsland” near Tofino on V.I. Crosscountry skiing, Tow behinds, Ice skating, snowskating were just a few action sports StanTech enjoyed on his break. With help from his brother and personal Photographer Ken Stanford AKA “DOUG FIR” they managed to film a couple segments for the long awaited and past due film Home School 9. As quoted by Stanny himself – ” With a film so complex it’s taken not 2 years but 3 years to nail the shots. It’s going to make “That’s it, That’s All” look like “that was it, that was all”


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