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Travis Rice Big Air Gold at X Games 13!

ESPN STORY: Travis Rice takes big air crown with double back 1080

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  • Jared Johannsen

    I had not heard of Travis until I was sitting in Jackson Holes’ airport waiting for flight back to Chicago and was sitting near someone claiming to be a friend/photographer of Travis. Inspired by the conversation I decided to fallow up on who is Travis Rice. I found out that he took first place and best trick at the Boost Mobile Pro and this opened up my eyes to discover more. Then I came across Chads Gap footage that blew me away. My favorite story was hearing how much he had over shot the landing on his first attempt. 4 years into fallowing Travis’ accomplishments I am still in awe about what he can do and how he goes about it. In my eyes, and I’m sure that this is not true for others, he’s the Michael Jordan of snowboarding. That’s not exactly accurate with winning, but I look at it as though if he is doing something you attention is demanded by him. He might not do the cleanest stomp but he’s trying shit that not too many are even thinking about. Hand down the best overall rider and I hope to see him continue with his success.

  • ViperDVS

    Can you say me what jacket wear torstein horgmo in this X games, thanks for all, and ride or dieeeee!!!!