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Banana Split

Check out this Banana Split, made by Jack from Kelowana BC

Categories: Happened on a Banana!

  • drew

    Just want to keep ringing the “please make a factory lib tech split board” bell a few times. Mine would be some cousin of a snow mullet.

  • hurri

    we tried a banana for a splitboard… reverse camber is shit for skis!

  • jeff

    Hey! I second the motion for a factory split!

  • advres

    Did an “inside” edge get put on this thing? If so, you wanna turn my 1st gen hammock into a split for me? I gots the money! 🙂

  • When you finally get around to making splits at the lib factory, can you please run magne-traction up the inside edge, please. The strait edge on other factory splits offers no traction when in ski mode or ascending, i’m guessing magne-traction would allow for some grip on that edge, and it will just look way cool to have a wavy cut between the two halves.

  • Josh

    How about a factory mtx split? The reverse camber is probably not ideal for skis, but the mtx would be nice (along with the usual lib riding characteristics).

  • Sean

    I’d buy one.