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Skunk Apes Lurking in AK

dingo dan shouting out you mervin kats with some recent skunk ape sightings in the AK backcountry.
here’s some shots from some recent solo skunk sessions……
this zone is very close to my house….another reason why i (heart) AK!
my skunk ape rules it >>>best board ive rode in the past 20 years!
-dingo dan

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  • Jmac

    I was at a snowboard shop, and this someone asked the guy at the shop “what is the best snowboard for people with big Feet, to ride the whole MT.” shop person said, the “Skunk-Ape”, The customer looked at the board, and said, I can not buy this, Look at that Picture on its…
    It was at that moment I knew I had got the right board, in early season. thanks Mervin for the Skunk-Ape…

  • rATzAS

    Hey, Are these in Hatcher or Turnagain? Or somewhere else?
    rAT in aK
    157 MagnaTraction ’06
    157 Cygnus X1 ’08
    161 Cygnus X1 ’09
    159 Skate Banana ’09
    plus other non-Lib junk from O-Sin, Burton, Morrow