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Lib Tech TRS BTX review…kinda long


Categories: Happened on a Banana!

  • Bill Brown

    fantastic board, very easy to transition and hard to catch and edge like they say….holds well on ice with good technique due to magnatraction.
    at speed its a bit skaty and is not solid as a result, the board is always ready to move somewhere which is why is so loose, but not as much as skate banana..great for big landings also

  • Bill Brown

    Ive read a lot of reviews on this board by many, probably many better than me also i imagine, but ive just spent 65 days on it this season in canada, and i believe the above comments are exactly how i would describe this board. My son has the skate banana and i have ridden that…fun board but way looser than the TRS and bounces around more in crud etc. Im 180cm and 78kgs riding a 157cm…was great for tricks switch etc, but i think a 159 on balance would be better when powder comes

  • Larissa

    I LOVE this board…. it has given me a great winter in the north. It’s a solid board in all elements. Thanx for the smiles!

  • Dave Legg

    Would recomend the TRS BTX to anyone who wants to progress their snowboarding.I ride the 159 for all MTN shredding,it simply rules everywhere,from fresh pow(stance set back a notch)to park(centred stance)and everything inbetween the TRS BTX is like having a cheat code to snowboarding.Banana tech floats and jibs well in pow,makes riding switch so easy(catch free)compared to a cambered board.Magnatraction holds an edge in icy/packed snow conditions and icy pipes,BTX works great everywhere,no twitches at speed and is a treat in spring slush conditions,so forgiving.Mervin rules!