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Baldface Trip

Hey Fellas,
I rode the banana 156 at Baldface Lodge the whole time I was up there. Waist deep snow and the banana crushed it. Everyone else was riding 174 prehistoric cambered boards. I lucked out and got a sick shot while I was up there.
Peace out,
Rob Layer

Categories: Letters

  • jay pee

    ah dang grrl! check the torsion flex on that! that guy must be flexible! 😉

  • blake

    i can ollie higher then this weiner is gettin here… he must be some park city kid tryin to get into the backcountry//

  • Wendy Volk

    Yeah…he’s a regular Gumby. Not bad at wakeboarding either.

  • tyler vandora

    He’s just lucky I wasnt there to show him up, otherwise it would be my picture right there!

  • bunty

    cool but, last time i checked even girls started grabbing between the legs.

  • rob

    ha you’re such an ass