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Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

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Jakob Wilhelmson Wins Quiksilver Snowjam and Martin Cernik takes 2nd

Jakob Wilhelmson, of Sweden, won this year’s Quiksilver Snowjam 2009 and cashed in the main prize of US$3,000.
The world-level international contest Quiksilver Snowjam 2009 ended in the Špindler?v Mlýn Ski Park today. This event, rated with three stars by TTR Series, was the finale of the freestyle section of O2 Snowboard Tour 2008/2009 and distributed the total prize money of US$10,000 among the best riders.
24 contestants from the Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Slovakia and the United States did their best to attract the jury and entertain the audience on a unique slopestyle course that combined 3 disciplines (half-pipe, rail, Big Air).
The organizers cancelled Friday’s qualification round due to inclement weather. The racers used this time to practice and get a better knowledge of the course, which premiered in the Czech Republic. It was technically challenging for the snowboarders and everybody has to provide his versatility and physical prowess.
The cloudless, sunny Saturday was full of contests and entertainment. The top 10 racers advanced from the morning semifinals to the afternoon finals.
Martin_Cernik night.jpg
Martin ?erník (CZE) was the best-placed Czech contestant; he won the semifinals and placed second in the finals, just behind the winner Jakob Wilhemson (SWE). Their performance was very similar during the whole contest, but a better combination of tricks on the rail and the Big Air moved Wilhemson to the top. Third place was taken by Stefan Karlsson (SWE), who ended up the best in half-pipe, but his Big Air performance was good enough for the final bronze medal.
top 3.jpg
The Swede Jakob Wilhelmson won with cab 720- frontside air – backside air – frontside 540 lien (half-pipe) – cab180 tailpress (rail) – backside 900 (Big Air).
“Thanks to the good organization, I had time to focus on the contest and I enjoyed riding. I really liked the challenging technical configuration and am very enthusiastic about the second place!” said Martin ?erník after the contest. “The race was good. We had a wonderful weather, people created a great atmosphere and we, as organizers, received excellent support from the Ski Park and our partners. That’s why this year’s Snowjam was the best snowboarding event and end to the winter season,” the satisfied organizer and contestant added.
Photos By: Jiri Krenek ©

During the evening Best Trick Session on Big Air, the snowboarders performed a real show under artificial lighting and in the presence of TV cameras. They jammed for one hour; in this format, the racers ride one after another for a specific period of time, trying to pull out the best trick. The jury closely watched every racer and announced the two best contestants. The winner of the best technical trick was David Liptay, of Hungary (double back flip indy, which he managed for the first time in his life). Our Darek Bergmann was chosen as the author of the most perfect, stylish jump (frontside 540 crail grab). This event was great fun for the contestants, who entertained the audience for one hour. The last common ride and the jump of all riders one after another was the peak of the evening. Since the performance of all 17 evening riders was very similar and it was hard for the jury to choose only two of them, all of the contestants agreed to distribute the prize money equally among all of them.
After the winners were announced, everybody enjoyed the music program and snowboard party, which lasted until morning. The concert and music part was kicked off by Horkýže Slíže before the Big Air event. The event contest was then followed by United Flavour. The top of the evening was definitely Monkey Business, which performed together with Ashley Slater, from Freak Power. Svatý Petr in Špindler?v Mlýn immersed into silence just before daybreak.
Renda Hroneš, the contest’s director, evaluated the whole event as the main organizer: “Everything went great! The weather was good, the riders were satisfied with all events and the audience was enthusiastic. I would like to thank everyone. We saw top snowboarding performance and the audience cheered for the riders.”
Quiksilver Snowjam 2009, TTR *** – official results
21 March 2009, Špindler?v Mlýn
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  • stan tech

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