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Skunk Ape Sighting Near Mt Baker

Jonny Martens has been reaping some march madness up near Mt Baker…


Name: Jonny Martens
Home: bellingham wa
Home Mountain: hyland hills mn 
Favorite Mountain: mt. baker 
Goofy or Regular: regular
Favorite Trick: switch rodeo / methods
Sponsors: Libtech, sessions, mt. baker and bald-eagle productions
That skunk ape 162 BTX is the best board ever!
It turns like a 161 and on the big mountain it rips open like a 164!
~Jonny Martens

Categories: Skunk Apes

  • al

    that bottom pic is fucking gnarly! come to think of it though, all of em kinda are. this dude rips! post some video please

  • Marin

    way 2 go uncle john!

  • Mom

    Way to go son! I am so proud of you! The pictures kinda scare me though! 🙂

  • Bryan

    the best board i have ever been on